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Target Does It Again: 8 Pieces You Need for Fall

You know those articles of clothing in your closet? The ones that have your co-workers, friends and colleagues constantly saying, “OMG, where did you get that _____?”

I have a few of them, I suppose, and nine times out of ten, my answer is “Target.” Most recently, it’s been the faux-leather skirt I wore yesterday.

I know there’s been a lot of Target talk around here the past week, but hey, I spent nearly my entire youth making random Target runs. (You know the drill; you go in for nail polish and you come out with $100 worth of… whatever. Hashtag Saturday night, right?)

I’m all about refreshing my wardrobe when the seasons change, and Target has been my go-to retailer for everything (faux) leather as of late. In addition to my skirt (and the hat I bought while writing this post; oops), here are eight Target pieces I’ve scooped up for fall that have been garnering the ‘ol “No way. That’s Target?” (And, no, this is not a sponsored post — I just thought you should know!)

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Yeah, really. It’s Target.

1. Denim jacket, 2. quilted faux-leather skirt, 3. faux leather jacket, 4. sleeveless blouse,
5. moto jacket, 6. faux-leather leggings, 7. blazer, 8. leather riding boots

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