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Target Does It Again

On my second day in LA for LuckyFABB, I made a mistake that you’re likely all-to-familiar with: I went to Target with one item in mind.


A portable phone charger. That’s IT.

This was an easy one to justify (it’s a blog conference — of course I need it!), so I happily made my way to the nearest Target, where I shamefully emerged two hours later with a bag-full of stationery, snacks, a pencil sharpener, this vest, a patterned skirt, God knows what else, and – oh, yeah – that phone charger.

… Target does it again.

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Could be worse, right? At least my wallet and I didn’t wander our way back into an Opening Ceremony again.

While in-store (at Target), I met Jaclyn and Becky, two great gals and fellow bloggers with whom I ended up spending the majority of the weekend with (in addition to Ashley, Nikki and Jes).

Post-shopping binge, I ran home, changed and ended up layering my pairings over an ASOS dress that I’d worn the night before. The skirt-over-a-dress ensemble is one of my personal favorite packing secrets – it’s just so simple.


*Wearing: Target vest and patterned skirt, ASOS dress (also styled here), Halston clutch, Zara sandals, Grinnell Designs necklace from Julia’s store (on sale), Chanel sunglasses

Photos taken by Nikki Minton

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