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Old Town

When a native Midwesterner (and East Coast transplant) is called upon to unleash her inner cowgirl, a vintage denim shirt will have to do.


I really love Scottsdale.

My ‘rents are snowbirds (meaning they flock south/west for warmth during the winter), and every season we find ourselves spending a long weekend in Arizona.

With each visit, I swear — the city seems to blossom into a greater array of character and color. Maybe that’s because I’ve become accustomed to the cold, grey days on the East Coast, though? Those days are on the way out, I hope. I digress…

In particular, downtown Scottsdale pulses with a vibrant energy all its own — perfect for shopping to your heart’s content or dining at a dozen outdoor restaurants. And, really, what else is there?

There’s hundreds of boutiques and storefronts along the waterfront and Fifth Avenue areas, most of our time (downtown) was spent in Old Town.


Old Town Scottsdale is a charming little area with a decidedly western feel. And by that, I mean wagon wheels, cowboy hats, and stores packed with Southwestern souvenirs. An easy destination to kill an afternoon.

If it were my call, you know me — I’d sooner bee-line to Barney’s; but it’s nice to spend the occasional day in an element of escapism — even if it’s an era of outlaws and saloons.

And, um — in addition, my family forbids me from venturing to Fashion Square. A decision that’s absolutely justified given this is an area with 240 name-brand designers and storefronts.


Of course, I’m just a tourist, so I hope I’ve done the area justice.

If you’re interested in learning more about Scottsdale (and the style that lies within), check out Classic & Bubbly and Amy’s Vintage Closet — written by two bloggers I had the pleasure of meeting at LuckyFABB.

how-to-wear-chambray-and-a-dress best-sandals-for-summer

*Wearing: Joe Fresh denim shirt, Otte Ellen Ellen dress, Emilee sandals c/o JustFab, 3.1 Phillip Lim medium Pashli satchel, Ray-Ban aviators, Sequin cuff

Photos taken by Lisa Wilson

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