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Outfit Outtakes, Vol. 3

Well, it’s that time again — when I air my dirty digital laundry by sharing my most embarrassing outfit photos with you.


 If you’re new to this series, here’s the gist: Style bloggers take a lot of outfit photos to get a handful they deem to be “blog-worthy.” As a result, there’s a shitload tons of embarrassing outtakes. These are considered Internet gold ’round these parts, and so c+c readers and I decided (collectively) that they were simply too good not to share. (You win; you always do.)

Without further adieu — here’s the third installment of Outfit Outtakes. Happy Friday, indeed!

outtakes_10outtakes_6 outtakes_12

That’s how you really get this shot (click and scroll down).

outtake_3 outtake_2 outtakes_17

Holy Bill Cunningham moment!

outtakes_17 copy outtakes_22 outtakes_13 outtakes_15 outtakes__10outtakes_11

In both of the photos above, large groups of children were walking nearby. Ha! #maternal

outtakes_16 outtakes__12

Ohhh yeah. Sexy. Sending you lots of love (and laughs) from New York City this weekend!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens and Jessica Sturdy

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