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Everyday Curls Hair Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to create an everyday curls hair tutorial for awhile now, so I’m really excited to share that I finally got around to shooting one last week.


I wear my hair in loose waves almost everyday, and I’ve gotten the process down to such a science that it only takes me around seven minutes total to do my hair….


Before we get into it, let me preface this by saying: The most important part of your everyday hair routine is having the right products. If you’re using the right creams, sprays and styling tools, even your “bad hair day” won’t look as such.


Now, here’s the before.

before and after hair tutorial

I know.

This is what mah weave looks like when I’m fresh out of the shower after a quick blow dry. Not great, right?


I’ve been a Living Proof convert for a few years now, so I’m really excited that they’ve asked me to partner up in producing this post. Their products are sulfate-free, silicone-free and oil-free. Plus, they’re safe for colored or chemically treated hair. Simply said, it’s a line where there’s truly something for everyone.


Today’s tutorial (my everyday curly hair routine) is centric to Living Proof’s perfect-for-summer No Frizz collection. There’s shampoo, conditioner, styling spray — the works. Though my absolute favorite, can’t-live-without-it item from the collection is the Humidity Shield (it blocks lit-er-ally 100% of those humidity effects), but we’ll get to that.


So that said, let’s get to step one:


Typically, I start by separating the top portion of my hair, pinning it up and focusing on the longest layer first. I didn’t today since I forgot a clip — and I actually don’t usually have to, since my hair is so thin/fine.


Start anywhere on your head you’d like by separating a small, one-inch section from you head. Wrap it around the wand away from your face. Curl it three or four times around the wand — not too tight — for looser-looking, tousled waves. I’ve been using this Jose Eber curling wand for about two years now. It’s the best!


Keep your hair wrapped here for a few seconds, then release the curl. I like to hold each coil in the palm of my hand for a few seconds until it cools, which helps set each of the curls.

Grab another small section and curl this one toward your face.


Continue curling in this pattern (alternating directions) around your head until you’ve curled your longest layers.


Now, un-pin your top layer (if it’s pinned — again, mine usually isn’t) and begin to curl those pieces in the same fashion. Remember to hold each curl in the palm of your hand until it has a few seconds to cool.


Now, for the last and most crucial step: The finishing spray.


To give your curls some longevity, blast ’em with a generous amount of Living Proof’s NoFrizz Humidity Shield.

This product quite literally repels all effects of humidity and weightlessly eliminates friction, so it’s a total post-shower essential for us city girls. Has anyone else tried it? If so, do you swear by it, too?


Unlike a lot of finishing or holding sprays, this one doesn’t leave your hair stiff and sticky. It’s brushable — and by that, I mean it allows for movement while also keeping your curls in-tact– and most importantly, frizz-free.

A little bit goes a long way with this game-changer, but I tend to add an extra blast since I’m always on-the-go (and on that subway — holy humid).

living proof nofrizz humidity spray

After you’ve sprayed your hair with the Humidity Shield and your curls have set, brush out the ends (and ONLY the ends) for an undone look — the messier, the better.

hairbrush video tutorial


So, there you have it. Simple, right?


Start with the right tools, curl your hair in alternating directions, and make sure you’re using a frizz-free finishing spray. Easy!


If you have questions, feel free to leave ’em in the comments below.

In the meantime, you can click here to check out more of Living Proof’s No Frizz line (and if I were to recommend one product to you beyond the mini starter kit, it’d be the Humidity Shield).



Lydia Hudgens Photography

Thanks (again) to Living Proof for partnering on this post!

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