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Link Love, Vol. 77



It’s our first Friday round-up of the year, you guys! I’ve really grown to love how these have shaped up each week, but if you have suggestions and feedback for how you’d like to see them continue to evolve (or not) this year, comment below or shoot me a note. Let me know!

Peaks & Pits

Pit: The first week after the holidays is rough. In fact, it kinda feels like whiplash, doesn’t it? We made it, though. Smooth sailing into the weekend, my friends.

Peak: You might have heard the news, but SoulCycle is popping-up in 10 cities for three days — offering free classes! Click here for info on the tour and make sure you bookmark when it’s time for you to sign up for classes. (They will fill up very quickly.) Chicago, I’ll see you out there!

Sales & Such


Links I Loved

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