Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 48 - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 48

The belt of my dreams, canceling plans, some seriously good sales & other worthy links for the week ahead.

So I don’t not not shop at LOFT, but it’s not always the first store that comes to mind when I’m in the mood for a little retail therapy.

Know what I mean?

michigan avenue ann taylor loft open white blazer cute style for work career clothes

Point being…

I was walking by the storefront in Chicago over the weekend and decided to pop in since they’re having a really good sale (50% off eve-ry-thing) and low-and-behold —  bet you can guess — I walked out an hour-plus later with a few proud purchases.

Is LOFT the new Target? Hmm…

(No, lol; still can’t go to Target for just one thing… But maybe.)

PS: Use the code ‘FRIENDS’ at checkout if you’re shopping online.

chicago fashion bloggers showing what to wear with a white blazer office outfit inspiration(Photos originally from this post)

I was going to save this story for the link round-up below, but I just need to tell you guys up-front: I damn-near had an accessory-induced freak out when I found this cognac-colored knotted belt.

I know that sounds ridiculous (and it is), but like, I’m not kidding. It’s under $15, for one.

But you know how hard it is to master that cute little knotted-up look when you’re wearing a belt (and for it to actually stay), right?

If so, you’ll understand what I mean when you see it. Then let’s file that under Thing #2184014 of things we can’t believe we didn’t think to invent ourselves.


I also got an open-shoulder cable-knit sweater, but rather than divulge any additional (embarrassing) dressing room diaries I’m going to chill the fuck out and let you get to reading.

new york city chicago style bloggers hallie wilson lifestyle expert

Hope you had a great weekend, babes! Any highlights to share with me?

It’s been gloomy in Chicago the last 24+ hours (PIT), but we had the most gorgeous end-of-summer weather on Saturday (PEAK). Can’t complain there, huh? I won’t even touch sporting events from the last week — living in Chicago and being from Cleveland is difficult in that regard.

Let’s go:


Sales & such

Super cute boots: You know how I went to Austin last week? I ended up buying these boots for my trip and I’m so glad I did. They look really cool unzipped, which is how I wore them with jean shorts and a grey-colored sweater. (And if you need convincing, they’re under 60% off/under $60 — all sizes!)

New Nike’s, fam: … When I wasn’t wearing my boots, though, I was in these blush-colored Nike’s. I got at least five or six questions about them every time I wore them — and as you’ve learned, I can be a bit of a freak when it comes to ah-mah-zing accessories, so I’m pretty sure I spent an hour in total discussing said shoes with strangers that weekend. (Here they are on sale in a few other colors, by the way.)

Beauty fave: For those who have been asking, this is the curling iron trio/set that I use on my hair (and have for the last few years).

Just the essentials: I love carrying a card case (vs a bulky wallet). Mine is on sale at the moment — it’s so damn cute (and I am not a cat person).

A sale worth shopping: As mentioned, LOFT is offering 50% off site-wide at the moment. You’ve already read about the belt of my apparent fashion dreams, and I don’t know if I’ll ever stop talking about it.

Black gingham bell sleeves: I’m not much of a gingham girl, but for those of you who are, check out this cute bell-sleeve gingham blouse (under $29).

ann taylor loft summer collection stripe canvas shorts white blazer summer weekend outfit


Links & the like

Low-key all of us: How to be better about canceling plans.

Guilty as charged: Here are seven habits that are making you unproductive.Let’s be better this week, yeah?

That binge scroll: This illustrator is one of my new favorite Instagram accounts to follow.

2017, ya’ll: Guys, there’s a hotel in the Maldives that offers guests an Instagram Butler.

Language matters: Good read for my fellow blogging babes on how to grow your site traffic with trigger words.

Give yourself a break: Ever notice how we see others’ failures as courageous but our own as shameful? Here’s why — and advice for being better about it.

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