Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 55 - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 55

What I bought on sale, spring cleaning your finances & workout gear you *have* to see…. Among Other Things.

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Friday, hooray! What’s on the agenda this weekend? Derby dresses or Cinco de Mayo gear?

Decisions, decisions…


Peaks & Pits

Pit: We’ll start here and work our way up: I don’t know that I’ve mentioned this yet, but I’m still really sad about Tim Berg’s (Avicii’s) passing. If you’re a fan of his music, I imagine you feel the same… He was everyone’s introduction to dance music, no? (“Levels” was the song of the summer way back when.) The silver lining, I suppose (not that there is one in a situation like this), is that it’s brought on a lot of public discussion about success, suicide and mental health.

Peak: Last Friday, Studio Three (where I teach) hosted the annual Battle of the Bikes fundraiser — a four-hour event where teams of five people ride in 35-minute classes.

I co-taught one of the sessions with another instructor and DJ’d for three hours (below). It was so crowded, so much fun — and the best part? Collectively, the event raised more than $48,000 for Autism Speaks and Aspire Chicago (a local nonprofit geared toward helping adults with disabilities.

All-in-all, a super solid, productive week… I’m ready to get outside and spend some time offline (and off the bike) this weekend. Hope you have fun plans in store, too!



Sales & such

One of each, please: Holy. Shit. Have you guys seen Carbon38’s new Sayang collection? I literally want every sports bra — look at this beauty! See the entire collection + more new arrivals here. (15% off your purchase with e-mail sign-up, FYI!

Color crush: I love, love, love with this pale pink pouch — my color of the moment. (Yours too?) That circular shape — and size — is so damn cute! (Under $100)

Sandal staple: I just bought these adorable sandals on sale in red — for under $30! Such a freakin’ deal. (FYI, went down a half-size based on reviews — they run wide, accordingly!)

Surfbort: I also got this hot sauce iPhone case. I mean, I don’t t need another one (or wait, maybe I do?), but was $19… Had to, right?

Mother’s Day Ideas: Anyone still need a cute gift for Mom next weekend? Anthropologie has a curated section of pretty little things, like this cute grocery-type tote bag and silk sleep mask — Nordstrom has a ton of Mother’s Day gift ideas too. I always get my mom an annual subscription to People Magazine — and she loves these eye masks (as do I). Like mother, like daughter!

Functional (and cute!) Fruit: Is anyone else having a moment with kitschy straw totes? … Just me? Well, either way: This watermelon straw tote is to die. So is this festive pineapple purse!

(Side-note, I’m doing a round-up of straw totes at every price point next week. Here’s a preview below, though — all under $50!)

Click to shop

white blazer with striped shorts and round top straw tote perfect beach bagOne of my go-to straw totes last summer (originally posted here)


Look for less: You saw my post on the jumpsuit I’ll be wearing indefinitely this spring, but did you check out those similar styles from Forever21 I shared? They’re is almost identical (save for the fabric) — and they’re only $28.

Occupational hazard: And okay — here’s my last purchase from this week: I actually bought this striped romper (light blue) while I was researching that jumpsuit post…  Couldn’t resist that price point.

Books with style: You may have seen this on Instagram stories yesterday, but four of my favorite coffee table books are 40% off today. I stack the latter three on my coffee table and stock up on the first for gifts — it’s under $20!

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(Clockwise, top left) 1. Rosé All Day, 2. Escapes (Gray Malin),
3. Chic Escapes, (Condé Nast Traveler), 4. YSL — The Scandal Collection


Links & the like

Dolla dolla bill, ya’ll: Three ways to spring clean your finances — once and for all.

Getting organized: … and on the notion of spring cleaning, I found this post on how bloggers organize their beauty products really insightful. Need to take a trip to The Container Store ASAP (to get something like this for my bathroom).

Girl, same: I can really relate to this post by Coco’s Tea Party — five lessons learned in her twenties.

Powerful pep talk: Loved this read on how to turn any failure into a success — or creating “momentum from mis-steps,” as the author writes.

Au revoir: Here’s what no one tells you about living abroad — an insightful read for anyone who is or has ever considered it.

New music mix: Here is your monthly playlist for May, my loves. I’ve got that first song on repeat! (I share these monthly on Spotify, FYI; here is April’s playlist, if you missed it. Happy listening!


Hasta luega! Have a great holiday weekend.
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