Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 56 - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 56

A lot of sh*t you need in your life this weekend — and indefinitely.

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Hey there, babes. Happy Friday! What’s on tap for the weekend?

It’s looking to be a rainy one here in Chicago, but I suppose that means I’ll have an excuse to (force myself to) curl up in sweats and get shit some done. Anyone else still doing their taxes?

LOL no just kidding… Kinda.

I could use a productive weekend before summer settles in with all of her warm-weather glory, though. You too?


Peaks & Pits

Peak: I’m dog sitting this week/end, yay! Head over to my Instagram story to meet sweet Nika.

It’s been so much fun having her around, but I must admit: I have it pretty easy. She’s su-u-per laid-back and low-maintenance as far as puppies come. Nonetheless…

Pit: I didn’t get nearly as much writing done this week as I wanted to.

I feel frustrated (and guilty) that I can’t seem to find a consistent workflow/posting schedule that actually sticks (and keeps me accountable to you guys), but I have been making mini adjustments the last few weeks so that consistency that you and I both want will fall into step in the next month. Like a well-oiled, sleep-deprived machine.

… Not to harp on it, but that’s where I’ve been spinnin’ my wheels lately. Hence the aforementioned nudge to Mother Nature. Help a girl Get Shit Done, sis! (Just not all weekend, please.)

Anywho, that swimwear post I promised you — how and where to shop for bathing suits online: There’s actually a ton of brands, tips and info I want to include — more than I’d realized — so give me a few days and I’ll have it up mid-next week.

Also in the words: Straw bags for every budget — so many options (with two of my favorite affordable options below).

… Phew!

Any Peaks & Pits for you this week? Good stories to share? Leave ’em in the comments if you’d like; I really do love to read them.


Oh, and major, major props to all you puppy/pet mamas (and actual mamas). Happy Mother’s Day!

Come say hi to Nika (and me) on Instagram this weekend.

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… On with it!


Sales & Such

If the shoe fits: Did you see the red sandals I posted about on social media last week? I bought ’em and I’m ob-sessed. At that sale price, I may have to snag another color(FYI: I’m a true 7.5 but got a 7 in these — the braided strap is too wide on the foot otherwise.)

Summer essential: A little preview of my Straw Tote round-up that’s coming… For my babes who want one of those circular cross-body bags this summer, here’s one for under $60. It looks exactly like mine! Check out this $30 wristlet version, too — so f’ing adorable.

Beauty freebies: Living Proof is running a “gift with purchase” promotion on Nordstrom this weekend (three deluxe samples).

I swear by their Dry Shampoo — as I’m sure you’ve heard me say countless times — and the PhD (Perfect Hair Day) travel set. The Humidity Shield is a game-changer during summer months, too.

riomaggiore cinque terre

Related Sh*t: The 10 beauty products you need in your carry-on

Be still my heart: This is the one-piece bathing suit of my dreams. Hands-down.

Bad & Bougie: If there was ever a handbag to describe my ideal summer aesthetic, it would be this one. Ayyyyeee!

Decor bug: I’ve been stalking this picture frame set for a while and it finally went on sale. My apartment is a mix of abstract, black, grey, blush and beige — so those stripes will be a perfect addition.

Navy Nike’s OMG: Well, I will literally be the old woman who lived in a shoe (her shoes)… But like, look at these new Nike Vandal’s. Anyone wanna split that rent, so-to-speak? I’m a 7.5 shoe size…

Did that even make sense?

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Links & the like

Better together: In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, a lovely reminder that it’s okay to ask for help. Always.

Good vibes only: A good read on the process of cutting your emotional cords and spring cleaning your spirit.

Beach reads: Seven self-help books that will change your life. I co-sign on Mark Mason’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.” That one is a permanent fixture on my nightstand.

New beginnings: Ever start to feel that itch for a change of pace or a new zip code to call home? Check out this quick read on your “city‘s twin” if so.

Heaven-sent angels local boss babes: Local ladies, have you heard of ReturnRunners? They’re a female-powered start-up that will come to your apartment/home, collect any returns and take them back to the store for you. Literally, brilliant. (And lazy on my part, perhaps, but hey… Time is money.)

The service is super affordable too; ~$9-$12, depending on how many stores you have returns for. Check ’em out and use the code HALLIE15 for 15% off your order all month on their website or via their app.

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Have a good weekend!

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