Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 57 - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Cool Sh*t to Share, Vol. 57

MDW deals you don’t want to miss. (No, like, for real.)


Summa, summa, summa ti-ime!

Peak: Guys, I think I’m becoming a crazy dog person. I’ve been puppy-sitting for little Nika regularly over the last few weeks — and its the best! She turned three (aka 21-years-old in dog years) and we spoiled the shit out of her.

But I get it now. I mean, my camera roll is 70% puppy pics — and it’s not even my dog.

BUT — and I’ll tell you more about this soon — this has ultimately led me to the process of becoming a foster for a few local rescue organizations (since I’m not ready to adopt or have a pet all my own). #Feels! I’ll keep you posted.

Pit: I can’t believe I have to say it again (or actually, I can, which is worse), but the tragic news out of Sante Fe this past week. Sometimes all I can think to do is blast profanities all across social media… You know? My sister is a teacher in Texas (Houston), so this one struck a little closer to home — quite literally.

Since that’s note productive — for anyone involved — try these instead if you’re feelin’ the same: What you can do right now about gun control, and a little pep talk from yours truly as we go into the weekend.

It’s a good one, promise. You deserve it.

Read: This is why you deserve to have a good weekend — and exactly how to do just that.


Sales & Such

The focus this week, of course, is on all of these insane Memorial Day sales that just launched.

Here’s a few of my favorites — and what I’ve purchased (so far), such as…

This silk scarf.

This accent chair.

This blush pink bucket bag (see below)

You know those moments of weakness when you find something online so fucking perfect that you just have to have it? No questions asked and/or credit card statements consulted?

Yes, well… In my case, that was me over this handbag last week. It’s not just any bag, though — just look at it.

(You’re allowed to think I’m bat shit crazy. I am.)

It looks just like the designer version but for $300+ cheaper — YES!

ralph lauren debby blush pink mansur gavriel knockoff bucket bag

So naturally, I went all FBI mode across the internet and found it on sale (in some instances) in varying colors — most notably, though, being the medium size version on clearance for $89 (more than 50% off) — in classic cognac and black. Again, YES!!!

Here it is in light grey and bright blue (on sale for under $95), a larger blush pink style (on sale) and in a mini striped version marked down to $68 too — how cute?

I’m a bad influence. I know. I had to tee up today’s post with that one since there’s a limited stock of each.

But as we’ve discussed… Saving money through a sale is essentially saving money — period. Right?

Don’t think about that too much, let’s move on:


MDW is always one of the biggest (if not the biggest) opportunity to save on big-ticket items such as furniture and home decor, so let’s start there.

Who’s in the market for what?

Home decor + furniture

Anthropologie:  20% full-price home/decor and an extra 40% off home/decor sale items

Pottery Barn: Up to 30% Off with Code: SAVEMORE

West Elm: Up to 30% Off with Code: SAVEMORE

World Market: 15-20% off + free shipping

The latter, guys, I’m stoked about:

I finally found a desk chair for my home office, saved more than $100 — and didn’t pay for shipping (on furniture) at World Market! I’ve been dragging my feet on buying a desk chair, and finally pulled the trigger on this gorgeous number.

I also got this bench to place under a console table behind my couch — which was already on sale (plus an extra 20% off). I LOVE WORLD MARKET!

Clothing & accessories

Anthropologie: Extra 40% off sale items + 20% off furniture and decor

BaubleBar: Up to 70% Off

J.Crew: 40% off everything with code GETAWAY (lots of sale items are nearly 70% off)

LOFT: 40% off everything with LONGWKND

Macy’s: Take up to an extra 20% off with code MEMDAY

Nordstrom: Up to 40% off —  the half-yearly sale just launched, woot!

I’ll be posting most of my style-related sale finds and updates to Instagram and this section of my website, which I’ll keep linked in my Instagram bio for you this weekend.

(But it’s pretty easy to remember, just head to



Links & Things

And lastly, few lighthearted links before we head into the weekend…

WTF is GDRP? Yeah, it’s all up in my inbox too. Start here, this will help.

A refreshing read: Redefining the idea of “having it all.”

Love in a hopeless place: I don’t know why, but I was utterly fascinated by the Bachelor application process — as described by The Betches. (And TBH, I’ve never even seen a full episode. Don’t hate me!)

Festive AF: This red, white and blue striped romper would be so cute for Memorial day (or fourth of July)

New workout gear: Hold up, am I the last person to know about ASOS’ activeware collection? It’s actually really cute — and affordable! Better yet, there’s a ton of sizes & styles on sale over on their “Outlet” website.


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