Lady Foot Locker Keeps you #FashionablyFit - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Lady Foot Locker Keeps you #FashionablyFit

Last weekend, I hopped on a plane to Dallas for a #FashionablyFit weekend with LadyFootlocker, Adrienne Bailon and a few of my blogger pals, where we showed off Lady Foot Locker‘s new styles and shared our advice on fashion,  fitness, and fashion fitness. And by we, I mean my co-event hosts Ashley from Pursuit of Shoes, Bex from Bexlife, Bianca from Mizz Fit.

Here are a few stories and photos from the weekend. If you’re in the Chicago-area, join us this Saturday (8/25) at North Riverside Park Mall from 11am – 4pm where we’ll be at it again!

*One of the highlights of my trip: Meeting one of my readers in the airport — what a surreal moment. It was great meeting you, Esther. Thanks for coming to the event! That’s Chris, on the left. He looks better in his ‘Footlocker gear than I do.

*To wrap things up, a quick anecdote: That photo above on the left? Three words: Worst. Case. Scenario.
The gentleman in front of me on the flight kindly reclined his seat into my lap. He dropped his iPod mid-flight, and well, shit. Too bad I couldn’t bend far enough to pick it up for him [evil laugh].


Hope to see you this weekend! If you can’t make it, well, you know where to find me.

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