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My Offline Life | July 2012: Gratitude

I’ve peaked, you guys. Seriously. July was an awesome month and I’m not convinced it can be topped.

… Okay, partially true. I am looking forward to a number of things (so many blog-related events in the near-future; I can’t wait to tell you about them!), but July has been a month with much to be grateful for.

How was yours? Here’s a recap on what I wore, where I went and who I saw:

At the beginning of the month, I started a new job. In addition, I did something I never do. I TOOK A VACATION! Did you know it’s actually possible to forget how to do that? At any rate, Vacation and I became very well re-acquainted. Now, I spend all day on Facebook and Twitter work full-time as a Social Media Manager at an awesome agency in Chicago.

Admittedly, a lotta booze was had in July. Highlights include the Art of Design by EFFEN Vodka and a sushi-and-saki brunch with some of my favorite bloggers.

effen art of design, studio paris chicago, paris club chicago, studio paris

{Photo c/o Chicago Magazine}

And in between eating, working and blogging (and, all right, boating), I traveled.

My best friend got engaged and we threw her one hell of a surprise engagement party. By far and away, the look on her face has been the highlight of my entire summer. Congratulations, Katie & Karl!

And lastly, I’m a lucky girl to call this pretty city “home.” Chicago, summer’s a good luck on you. It’s an open door policy here, ladies — you visit, I’ll scope a bar with outdoor seating, and we’ll sit down to have a drink.

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