NYFW Diaries: Part 2

Happy Friday, you guys!

Fall has barely kissed our cheeks here in Chicago, and my New York recaps have me yearning for spring style already… I digress. Your full NYFW rundown continues! (Click here if you missed my first fashion week diaries excerpt.)


Mid-week, I was lucky enough to catch a few shows from the #amexfashion Skybox with two of my favorite Glam girls, Bianca and Nola. The swanky lounge overlooked two separate runways, complete with champagne, a menu curated by Chef Todd English, and best of all, power outlets. Charging stations are hard to come by at Fashion Week, and often times you’ll find two, three, four bloggers lined up at an outlet to juice their phones for just a few minutes.

The things we do for Instagram, huh?

Following a day of fashion shows, a few of us left the island and spent the evening in Queens, watching the US Open. I’m not well-versed in the rules of tennis, so I’m lucky that my ladies Ashley (from Pursuit of Shoes) and V (from vmac + cheese) were giving me the run-down.

Pre-match, we checked out the American Express Fan Experience center; which is essentially a big building that boasts a number of activities, shops and games to try. I had my tennis back-hand (or lack there-of) analyzed, and it wasn’t pretty. I’ll stick to shopping.

V (thanks for the photo!), Theodora, Katie and Lauren, Jor-El et moi

*All Instagram’ing their drinks, ha.

amex fan experience

Saturday night, I hopped over to the Dream Hotel and drank way too much champagne with a few blogger friends. Jess and I proceeded to end the night with 3 a.m. dirty martinis (…plural), which seemed like an excellent idea at the time. Can anyone decipher this logic for us?

*Lastly, I’m working on finalizing this week’s video recap, so check back later today to see it! 

Join the Convo:

  • i’m so sad I missed you! 🙁
    Xo Megan, TfDiaries.com

  • Jessica

    HA! Please tell me if anyone can decipher our logic. Love your recap! The picture of everyone instagramming their drinks made me laugh out loud! 🙂

  • Amy

    Hahaha i love the picture of everyone instagramming their drinks! Too funny! Looks like you had an amazing time! I am still so jealous!!

  • Looks like a blast! You are mad talented with photography (Instagram-tography – LoL!)! I’ve really enjoyed your recaps and I look forward to seeing more of your adventures! Maybe someday we’ll meet IRL and have some adventures together! 😉

    xoxo, Stephanie 🙂

  • Lisa

    Your pictures of NYFW are perfect!! So lucky to be able to attend the US Open.. what a once in a lifetime experience, along with Fashion Week!! Keep the re-cap’s coming!

  • Your blog is too cute! The US Open looks like so much fun.


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