Event Recap: Gilt City Warehouse Sale

Although I spent the majority of last night glued to my TV screen (watching Sandy coverage and — when it became appropriate — Gossip Girl), I did spend some time recapping yet another successful trip to the annual Gilt City Warehouse Sale. Here’s a few highlights, including my new favorite “friend.”

… Yep, friend. A taupe Foley + Corinna Mid City tote.

Incidentally, I found her cast aside against the wall in an abandoned shoe box, which brings me to my main advice for sample sale shopping: Keep an open-mind. Finding that must-have item can seem impossible at a sample sale, and you’re much more likely to score a deal if you’re open-minded when browsing.

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*For more, click on over to check out last year’s sample sale and browse below to shop our finds:

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  • Looks like a fun time! And can we talk about your sassy blazer and how amazing your legs look- MEOW!!

    <3 Amanda

    • TOTALLY! They’re coming to SF this weekend, you should check it out! xoxo

  • amy

    Oh Em Gee. I am so jealous! That looks like heaven!!!


    • Thanks, Amy! Congrats on winning my Nordstrom Rack giveaway, too. Cannot wait to see what you purchase!

  • You look great! And what an amazing find, 80% off that gorgeous tote!
    Smart n Snazzy

  • Katie

    Great score!! and loves those Dolce & Gabanna booties!
    ps- loving the photo layouts!


    • Thank you so much, Katie! It means a lot to hear you enjoy the layouts — I’ve been experimenting a bit as of late and it’s always nice to get a gut-check. You rock!

  • Liz

    I wish I could have made it! Looks like got some awesome finds though. I’ll definitely have to save up for next year’s event!

  • Ah, what a fun event! Looks like you scored big wit that F&C bag 🙂 you look fabulous (per usual), once again I’m loving the way your layouts are headed, so aesthetically pleasing to read and look at. Makes me want to come back even more often 🙂


  • Looks like so much fun… love your new bag!

  • Great photos, love the way you collaged these! I am dying to know where you thrift to find a jacket like that!

  • What a great find! That bag is gorgeous!


  • Jessica

    Love your new bag!! Looks like a fun event. Super cute outfit, too 🙂

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