Birthday Reflections - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Birthday Reflections

It’s been a crazy span of a few weeks with all of the traveling I’ve been doing, so I thought I’d switch things up and keep it short-and-sweet for today, since it’s a special one…

Here’s a few things I’ve felt particularly grateful for this past year. If you need me today, I’ll be off drinking champagne and dancing on a table somewhere. Join me?


This year, I…

  • (1) Bought shoes… A lot of shoes.
  • (2) Styled my first-ever fashion show on behalf of Macy’s for Fashion’s Night Out. (3) I traveled often and to a number of different destinations, but most notably, to (4) Fashion Week in New York. Talk about a dream come true! However, my frequent travels have made me subsequently happier (5) to call Chicago home.
  • (6) Worked hard. Really hard. And as a result, I’ve had the good fortune to do some really cool stuff with some really cool people, (7) including a TV segment for ABC, a video shoot for Marshall’s and a nation-wide campaign for Lady Footlocker (thanks, Glam).
  • Above all else, I (8) had a lot of fun with (9) a few good friends.

… Cheers to the next year; here’s hoping it brings half as many blessings. In the meantime, I’m reminded:

{initial images via 1234; quote by c.s. wonder}

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