Food & Wine Chef Showcase in Chicago

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sorry. On Monday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Food & Wine Chef Showcase in Chicago and there may have been a little too much food porn flying around. The annual stuff your face free-for-all event is put on by Food & Wine magazine (and it’s an elegant one, at that), and it’s essentially a night when the best restaurants in Chicago serve up experimental cuisine and fall menu favorites.

I indulged in a butterscotch whiskey s’mores, goat chili and pork sliders, among other things. And a little bit of wine. Okay, lots of wine.

I wish I could say I brought the fashion to this foodie-oriented event, but I opted for a more casual look: skinnies, a loosely-fitted Zara top (this was strategically pre-planned) and nude wedges.

For more on the Food & Wine Chef Showcase, click here.

*On another note, I apologize for all the site maintenance that’s been going on around here. I won’t bore you with my sob story, but if you’re a blogger and you have questions about HTML code, CSS, PHP and just generally how to un-crash your site, let’s just say I’m well-versed and sleep-deprived, yet fully equipped and happy to help.

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  • Liz

    Everything looks so delish! Sometimes I think food trumps fashion, and I would definitely dress for optimal food intake 🙂 Happy your comments are back!


  • Sooo I’m starving now. Thanks for that. Everything looks DELISH!

  • Amy

    I am so jealous. This looks incredible!

  • Katie

    I just got the biggest hunger pangs while looking this over…is that like a smore treat or what?! I want one…

  • Everything looks so amazing! I need to find those butterscotch whiskey s’mores.

  • Psh I love me some food posts so there’s no disappointment here! 😉 Looks like it was a nice event! xo

  • Kodi

    I’m pretty sure Santa’s giving you the bird.

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