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New to New York, Chapter 1

It’s been exactly one week since I “moved” to New York City.

I say “move,” because I came here with just two suitcases, as evidenced below (you can read more about that here). Much of that time has been spent apartment-hunting and settling in at my new agency, but of course, there’s always time for coffee, martinis and catching up with girlfriends.

I haven’t yet had my “New York moment” — meaning it doesn’t feel as though I live here — but I suspect it will come when I’m least expecting it… In the meantime, here’s a few things I’ve learned in my time thus far as a New Yorker:

  • It doesn’t matter that you’ve mastered the art of packing ten pairs of shoes in your bag. The overweight luggage fees you’ll incur will end up costing you more than your one-way plane ticket.
  • Nail polish can explode at 30,000 feet.
  • There’s a secret cab line at LaGuardia airport. Write this down! Turn right when you exit baggage claim and walk about 500 yards to the American Airlines Terminal. Almost kept this one to myself, but I digress…
  • You can spend $3 on a bottle of wine, but expect to pay $12 for a bottle opener.
  • However, you can find $5 manicures.
  • You can’t just “stop in” to Trader Joe’s. You have to get in line. No, like, in order to go up and down each aisle, you have to get in a line that snakes around the store.
  • 13th Step in East Village has $3 picklebacks on Wednesdays. (Also, Picklebacks are possibly the best-ever combination since PB&J.)
  • Forever 21 in Times Square is open 24-hours. Actually, almost everything in Times Square is open 24-hours.
  • Stay away from Times Square.

  • Neighborhoods are referenced as three letter sequences in conversation. LES = Lower East Side, UES = Upper East Side, and so on.
  • Walking is an essential way to exercise, since there are so many tempting restaurants to try. A recent fave includes pork chops and lobster dumplings at Triomphe in Midtown (pictured above, left).
  • Since you often do walk everywhere, flats are essential. Most of my shoes are back in Ohio, so statement necklaces have become my go-to accessory for adding outfit flair.
  • If you’re taking the subway, remember or learn the hard way (and then re-visit the bullet above): Inside runs express.
  • I am very happy here.

For more miscellaneous New York moments, you can follow along on Twitter and Instagram. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to my first full weekend exploring the city. Oh, and hopefully to finding and signing an apartment lease. Minor details, really.

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