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Poolside Perfection

There’s not much I love more than a lazy day spent poolside… Especially when it’s in Southampton.

bloody mary's, bloody maries

I grew up working as a lifeguard (didn’t we all) in the seasonal Midwest, so I think I’m hard-wired to focus on getting as much of a tan as humanly possibly every single summer. Naturally, due to my Irish heritage, that bronze tends to last about a week post-Labor Day, when I fade back to my scary white status. 

Part of what I love about a lazy day spent poolside is that I don’t have to wash my hair that morning. Instead, I’ll usually attempt to twist a colorful scarf into a turban or headwrap.

scarf tying gif

… Admittedly, it takes me a few fails to perfect the art of undone bohemian-meets-casual-chic.

lemon stripes store, pink aviators, tommy hilfiger aviators

beer coozie, poolside coozie

Pink aviators certainly up the style factor on a lazy day of lounging, too.

On another note, a friend of mine recently launched her e-commerce site. Click on over to Lemon Stripes to check out her bags, baubles and other fun shoppables — including the scarf I’m wearing (and this Gorjana anchor necklace I’m about to purchase). Congrats, Julia!

*In this post…  ASOS sheer maxi | Fornash scarf c/o Lemon Stripes | tote, coozie
and aviators c/o Tommy Hilfiger‘s Surf Shack collection 

… And in case you’re wondering, that’s a goat cheese burger and pomme frites that disappeared shortly after these photos were taken.

Outfit photos by Jessica Sturdy


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