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The Serial Snooze Artist Series

Soooo… How many times did you hit the snooze button this morning?

Yeah, me too. Read on.

white blouse three ways

A white blouse | Wear it with: A summer-worthy print, striped pencil skirt or floral shorts.

denim jacket three ways, what to wear with a jean jacket

The denim jacket | Wear it with: A pretty pencil skirt, bright white jeans or a chic summer dress.


If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that I write a series of monthly columns for One that’s come into fruition as of late is the Serial Snooze Artist (n: one who is seemingly adverse to alarm clocks).

The inspiration behind the series is rooted in how I’ve learned—the hard way—that there are a few key pieces that each of us should have in our closets so as to easily hurdle those inevitablely hurried mornings.

As a result, I’m sharing my tips, tricks and favorite time-saving separates with the community (and you guys, of course!) on the reg. If you haven’t yet, check out three ways to style a basic white blouse and a cropped jean jacket.

What are your secrets, Serial Snoozers? Tweet me if you’ve got ’em — I love a stylish shortcut!

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