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Like This, Like That

I don’t get over to the West Village as often as I’d like, so when I have the chance to, I really milk it. (You’ve heard of it, it’s where Carrie Bradshaw lives in SATC!)

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Despite the celeb-heavy demographic and heightened weekend foot-traffic (guilty East Sider here), West Village manages to preserve its picturesque charm and low-key vibe that sets it apart from other hustle-and-bustle Manhattan destinations. 

One particularly overcast day last weekend (when the humidity didn’t yet render me useless), I ventured over in search of a new caffeine fix and to admire the brownstones and storefronts. I stumbled across a street fair, where I happily made this purchase

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Now, the outfit: I’ve read the French term commi ci comme ça can be interpreted a few ways in English, but most literally as “like this, like that.” To me, this simply translates as “it is what it is,” which is a phrase I use often as a personal reminder to live simply and (over)think lightly. 

Needless to say, when I found this ASOS tee for $15, it was a no brainer. And simple for this girl apparently equates to a hot pink maxi and four-inch strappy sandals. What can I say? 

zara, summer, strappy, sandals, best*Wearing: ASOS t-shirt, Plastic Island maxi skirt via Collective Habit (also styled here),
Zara sandals, Halston clutch, Chanel sunglasses

Photography by Lydia Hudgens

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