How I Prepare for New York Fashion Week - Among Other Things (The Blog)

How I Prepare for New York Fashion Week

Don’t be fooled by the Lincoln Center selfies, the street style don’ts, and the Real Housewives in the second row. This event we call Fashion Week is more or less just a glammed-up trade show.

… An eclectic, wonderfully chaotic trade show. And it’s amazing.

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This will be my third fourth season at Fashion Week, and I think I finally have my prep routine down to a science. The days leading up can be overwhelming, but the end result – and the week of – is always an experience to remember. (8 days and counting!)

I’ve done a number of Fashion Week videos sharing behind-the-scenes footage and the like (including a Day in the Life feature), but what you may not know is exactly how much work goes into prepping from the independent publisher’s perspective. I’ve received a few e-mail inquiries asking how I manage my time and what to expect, so I thought I’d share some of that here: 

Three weeks out, I…

  1. Update my media kit.
  2. Design and order new business cards.
  3. Request press credentials ($$$). (*Update: I no longer do this as I have a few seasons under my belt, but this is a great first-step for newbie NYFW’ers, as it will get you access to the PR companies you need to contact for show invites.)
  4. Shop. I know, I know — “cry me a f–king river, Hallie”, but when the end-of-summer/pre-fall sales hit I can’t stop my brain from saying, “OMG, I’ve got to get my shit together for for Fashion Week!”

Two weeks out, I…

  1. Plan my editorial calendar. Or figure out what I’m posting, because I won’t have time to write and edit photos during it.
  2. Shop more. My favorite last-minute spots for excursions are Shopbop and Zappos  — their delivery is lightning-fast. And Zara, of course, for runway-inspired looks that nearly pass for the real thing.
  3. Pick up a new pair of Tieks. Foldable flats are God’s gift to heel-loving ladies.
  4. E-mail PR agencies requesting show invites (this is a very time-consuming process).
  5. Drop $300 at the dry cleaner’s. Why the hell do I hoard silk pants, again?

One week out, I…

  1. Grocery shop. Seriously. I buy fruit and veggie juices to easily grab on my way out the door every morning or else I won’t eat. And hangry bitchy ain’t pretty. 
  2. Make plans with other bloggers! One of the best parts of NYFW. By now, most of us have an idea of where we’ll be and when, so we can coordinate time to get-together, change out of our heels and chat.
  3. Get a facial. When you’re powering through on Clif bars and minimal sleep, this makes you look like you got a few more hours than you actually did.
  4. Finalize my outfits. At this point, my apartment looks like the dressing room at Forever 21. 
  5. Follow-up on countless e-mails I sent out requesting show invites. 
  6. Acquire carpal tunnel syndrome from sending out so many e-mails. Casts are the new arm candy. 
  7. Research. Occasionally, I’ll cover a show for Last year I interviewed Charlotte Ronson (MAJOR life moment); I do my fashion homework prior to attending a show so I can report on it in a timely, relevant manner.

During Fashion Week, I…

  1. Panic, because all of the outfits I’ve carefully planned go out the window the morning of. Or it rains.
  2. Don’t sleep, which is why I love YSL’s touche eclat
  3. Worklot — writing, photographing, editing, etc. 
  4. Party. And then after-party
  5. Stay caffeinated. My local barista will soon know I need a grande with an extra shot to peel my eyes open in the morning.
  6. Apologize to my friends. I tell them it’s like I’m on an out-of-the-country work trip. Must. Preserve. Cell. For. Instagramming.
  7. Know where I need to be and when I need to be there. Then get lost and show up late to everything anyway. 

For more on my NYFW essentials and for previous coverage (including my videos), feel free to click around in my FW archives.

I’m looking forward to sharing my NYFW journey with you this year! If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover/photograph/share with you, give me a shout in the comments. Now, back to my e-mails — one week to go!

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