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Throwback Thursday: Dirty Hair Don’t Care

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that New York has transformed me into an obsessive SoulCycle‘r. I blame a few people — namely, my fitness-loving friend, Kate, my Spinster in Crime, Jess; and my favorite instructor, Parker, whose jams are worth taking the class alone. I digress…

Today, we’re throwing it back down memory lane.

exercise, gear, spandex, cute, neon*WearingNike dunks (also here), workout gear via Marshalls (where I shop for most of mine!), monogrammed bag c/o C. Wonder

I grew up with a very athletic background — soccer, track, basketball, even golf. Sorry that last one hasn’t quite panned out, Mom and Dad.

These days, I work full-time and refuse to compromise my weekends, so a lot of my errands are done during the week post-work(out) hours. For that reason, I’m a frequent flier for a quick-and-dirty post-sweat fest fix via the sleek, slicked-back ponytail. Here’s my routine: 

exercise, outfit, clothes, sports, cute, stylish, fitness, gear

dry shampoo, tresemme, workout, hair, stylinghair, how to, tutorial, vlog, ponytail, fancy, nice

Post-workout, the first thing I do is soak up some sweat. Back then, it was with baby powder. Now, it’s with TRESemmé Fresh Start Color Care Dry Shampoo – the newest addition to their Fresh Start collection. (That’s known to have a UV filter – perfect since my grays hair is colored.) Seriously, every time. It’s either in my bag or in the SoulCycle locker rooms.

Then, I brush my hair back into a mid-pony. The texture that  dry shampoo creates is great in that it refreshes limp locks without leaving behind any questionable white residue. To finish the look, I twist a lock of hair around the base of my hair band and secure it with a bobby pin. Gives it a more sophisticated feel.

workout, hair, braids, pony tail, how to, tutorial

I realize The Pony isn’t a groundbreaking new hair concept, but I’ve only recently embraced it as my go-to sleek-and-chic hair solution. Perhaps that’s because my version has taken some time to mature over the years. Way back when, I was that Michelle Tanner-looking munchkin with a scrunchie-ridden side-pony (double whammy there, I know).

Have you tried TRESemmé’s Dry Shampoo? How do you use it? Also, for more hairstyle tutorials, you can check out TRESemmé’s YouTube channel for more ways to rock the perfect pony and/or give your locks a post-workout fix.  

Photography by Lydia Hudgens

Brought to you by TRESemmé, a product by Unilever that I use frequently in my day-to-day. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make my blog possible!

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