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11 Lessons NYFW Taught Me (About Life)

A friend and I were talking about this yesterday, but holy s—. Fashion Week was less than two weeks ago!

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Despite how much time it feels has passed (months), I’m nearly 100% back in the swing of things at the office and in life in general. But not without sharing 11 things I learned during my time in The Tents… Here goes!

  1. Do you really need to bring all of that with you? Probably not.
  2. Yes, you should leave 10 minutes before you think you need to.
  3. No matter what you did the night before, there’s nothing a salt bagel with chive cream cheese and steaming cup of coffee can’t cure. Or at the very least, dent.
  4. Be conscious of that whole Bitch At Rest Face thing. You’re more approachable (and photogenic) when you’re smiling.
  5. Be nice to (PR) people. It’s a small world. And you never know whose intern is managing the list at that after-party.
  6. Your go-to look doesn’t have to be the most flattering one. Confidence is the best accessory, right? If you like it, just freakin’ wear it. For some of us, this includes space suits and pants that may double as pajamas.
  7. Get (your wardrobe) in shape. Especially if you’re in the serial snoozers club.  If you’re in a closet rut, treat yo’self to something that’ll spice up everything else you’ve got in there (like a you-can-wear-this-anywhere top).
  8. Making a statement can be as simple as claiming a signature lip color as your own. (I’ve recently embraced a vivid plum hue for fall.)
  9. You haven’t worn those shoes yet? No, Oh, yeah. They’re going to introduce a world of pain to those poor feet of yours.
  10. If you’re wearing white and you’re inevitably prone to clumsiness like I am, stick to champagne or white wine. That Merlot has a mind of its own and your pants are prime real estate.
  11. Haters gonna hate. Let ’em — for some people, the only taste of success they have is when they take a bite out of you.

What about you — any lessons learned during Fashion Week (regardless of whether or not you were in attendance)?

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