Target Does It Again: 8 Pieces You Need for Fall - Among Other Things

Target Does It Again: 8 Pieces You Need for Fall

You know those articles of clothing in your closet? The ones that have your co-workers, friends and colleagues constantly saying, “OMG, where did you get that _____?”

I have a few of them, I suppose, and nine times out of ten, my answer is “Target.” Most recently, it’s been the faux-leather skirt I wore yesterday.

I know there’s been a lot of Target talk around here the past week, but hey, I spent nearly my entire youth making random Target runs. (You know the drill; you go in for nail polish and you come out with $100 worth of… whatever. Hashtag Saturday night, right?)

I’m all about refreshing my wardrobe when the seasons change, and Target has been my go-to retailer for everything (faux) leather as of late. In addition to my skirt (and the hat I bought while writing this post; oops), here are eight Target pieces I’ve scooped up for fall that have been garnering the ‘ol “No way. That’s Target?” (And, no, this is not a sponsored post — I just thought you should know!)

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Yeah, really. It’s Target.

1. Denim jacket, 2. quilted faux-leather skirt, 3. faux leather jacket, 4. sleeveless blouse,
5. moto jacket, 6. faux-leather leggings, 7. blazer, 8. leather riding boots

Join the Convo:

  • I’m buying every one of these items online as we speak. Perfect choices!

  • I’m a sucker for mixed media pieces. #4 and 5 going in my cart now! 🙂


  • LOVE those boots! Can’t believe they are Target!


    • Haha, my point exactly! I got these last season, actually, and live in them. Highly recommend!

  • I love this! I need 4 & 5, like, today! Thanks for the Target reminder – I’ve been all OMGPhillip Lim for Target lately I’ve totally missed all the other goodness Target has to offer! 😉


  • Karyn

    This post affirms by decision to add Tarjay into my fall shopping mix. Loving #4 and #5!

  • 4 5 7 I need to have. Never thought I’d be spending so much at Target!

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

  • I see you riding that Target wave/high! Haha, love the sleeveless blouse.

    You were amaaazziing on that Phillip Lim x Target Twitter feed btw. The amount of times I refreshed your Twitter page was borderline stalkerish… I ended up purchasing items while at a bar, surrounding by drunk, non-shopping company, ha!

  • As a Target employee, I love all the Target love! I didn’t know we have the faux-leather leggings so I will be hunting them down, as well as that gorgeous blazer. Thanks Hallie!! xo

  • I’ve been thinking about picking up that baseball hat too! Can’t beat the price.
    grey et al

    • I’ll let you know how it looks/how good the quality is when I get it. If it’s like the ASOS version, you’re right; can’t beat it!

  • Target and the liquor store are the two places I shouldn’t be allowed to go into unsupervised. Oddly enough my hubs doesn’t complain when I come home with $100 of booze, but if I bring home a bit too much from Target he gets judgmental. And really that’s nuts because I’m sure whatever I’m bringing home from Target isn’t going to do the same amount damage to our livers. Unless of course Target starts to sell booze 🙂

  • Target’s fall collection is out of control! Everything is so good! I love that quilted skirt!

  • Target has such amazing finds– their apparel has definitely stepped up in the last few years, as has their shoes. You are so right when you say it’s hard to leave without spending $100!

  • It is a running joke between my friends and I that we require “chaperones” when we go to Target, because you do somehow always end up spending a minimum of $75 (but hey, that’s a LOT of awesome stuff you got for $75!!). The only reason I can even stand to look at this post is because it’s so hard to get to a Target here, haha.

    PS-I love that you picked out pieces with great (faux) leather details!

  • I love all the middle items! Specifically that jacket. I love Target’s Fall stuff.

  • I love Target and agree people are always so surprised when you tell them something is from Target! Also, the white blazer with the leather trim is so cute, I think I just might have to get it.

    Eat Play Dress

  • Can we be friends? I could not agree more…target is where the gems come from!

  • Woah. These are good. I never had a Target closeby (and now don’t have one living here) and feel like I missed out. Thank god for ecomm. Def going to get one of those jackets when I get your skirt!

  • I LOVE Target and that quilted skirt is amazing.

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  • Target is killing it thus season. Great round-up. I love that tux jacket better than the Phillip Lim version.

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  • Say whaaaattt…I would have never thought this round-up was all Target! Amazing! I’m loving all the leather detailing.


  • Joelle

    Go Target! I already have most of those items, but still want to buy a pair of rel leather pants. I find that the faux ones don’t breathe enough and are too hot. Those boots are awesome!

  • The burgundy top is gorgeous. And Target is freakin’ killin’ it with the shoes! I’ve been obsessing over some boots recently.

    xo Ashley

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