Inside Edition: The Fashion Week Tents - Among Other Things

Inside Edition: The Fashion Week Tents

I’m kicking off New York Fashion Week early this morning at a few shows (catch them on Instagram) and the madness has only just begun. I still can’t believe it’s September!

After receiving such positive feedback from you guys on my How I Prep for Fashion Week post, I thought I’d share some additional tidbits on what happens when you actually go inside The Tents at Lincoln Center. (And if you’re familiar with the experience, I’d love to hear your take/some of your own experiences in the comments!)

Let’s do it:

Okay, we’re in! Once you’ve made your way uptown, you’ve changed your shoes (don’t be taking the subway in your cab-to-curb heels, girl), and you’ve navigated the street style madness, you arrive. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by an array of PR girls dressed in all-black. After you check-in, you’ll make your way to the dimly lit room for the show you’re seeing (titled either The Stage, The Box, The Studio or The Theater). Then, you wait. And then you wait some more.

If you’re not familiar with a runway show set-up, here’s a few good-to-know terms: Front of House is where the runway is, where the photographers are and where everyone sits to view the show (above). Then, there’s Back of House — hair and make-up, models, designers and producers. Also worth noting, the collections that designers are showing this season are for spring/summer 2014. Crazy, right?

Fashion shows never start on time (and you know I’m grateful for that if you caught this video). Fifteen or so minutes after it was scheduled to start, they’ll let you in the room. Then — you guessed it — you wait.

Who sits where? First, second and third rows are usually A-listers, press and journalists. If you don’t have an assigned seat, you stand in the back. Although you will tend to find a few rogue bloggers like myself who simply walk in, act like they know what they’re doing and sit down, hoping no one asks them to move. 

About three minutes before the lights dim, they’ll ask those attendees standing along the back to fill seats if there are any available. 

Let’s get to the good part. At this point, most people are positioned on the edge of their seats (or on their tip-toes) with their external battery-ridden iPhones raised. 

On average, shows last 7-10 minutes. Really, that’s all. Within that time span, I think I take maybe five or six breaths and about 30-40 photographs. I try to enjoy the collection live, but it’s a battle between being present and capturing everything to write about, recap and share with you guys.

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The second a show is done and the designer peeks out, waves hello and takes a bow, the energy explodes and everyone runs toward the door. 


So, then what? In between shows, I usually scope an outlet, loiter outside observing the street style photogs, or head to a nearby coffee shop for iPad time. If I’m not commuting downtown to catch another show, that is. 

This is my third season at Fashion Week — the experience is still very much a dream. In fact, I probably have marks on my skin from this morning where I pinched my arm.

I’m going to share a number of posts with you on exactly what the next week brings (if you’re not into runway shows, don’t worry — there will be plenty of lifestyle updates, behind-the-scenes snaps and boozy stories to share), so check back often for updates — and please do tell me if there’s something in particular you’d like me to write about.

In the meantime, have you checked out’s Fashion Week app for iPad? It features designer interviews, a home tour of Christian Siriano’s Manhattan home and so much more. I have a little feature in it, too! You can download it for free here.

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  • Thanks for sharing your inside take! I’m never in town this week and always miss it, but on the off chance I ever am in NYC for it, how do you get access? I really thought it was invite only to most of the big designers.

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

  • Loving this breakdown, have fun!!

  • Have lots of fun, I can’t wait to hear more and see more pics!

  • Love this post (ps. I take that same picture of Kelly every season at Nicholas K…was a huge Kell on Earth fan)

  • Love this breakdown and going through all the other content you provided via links! You have such a fun voice apparent in your writing. Have fun at NYFW!

    xo, Lily on Fillmore

    • Thank you, girl! We need to meet next time I’m in Chicago. Also, appreciate the compliment on my writing — that was very sweet! x

  • wow. so so cool. I’d die to be there right now. super jealous!

    The Casual Classic

  • Liz

    So awesome! Have a great time, and I will live my fashion week vicariously through your instagrams and tweets 🙂

  • Hallie-
    THANK YOU for sharing a refreshing, different perspective of NYFW! This was interesting and well written.


    • So very happy to hear you liked it, Danielle. The rest of my coverage is going to be written very similarly, so hope you’ll check back! Made my day, girlfriend. x

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  • My question for you is — where does everyone keep their change of shoes and DSLR camera? I see all these pictures of girls with teeny purses and high heels, but where do they keep their flats and camera?

    Love the post by the way!

    xx Tine

    • Haha, good question Tine! Most people carry larger-than-life handbags for that reason — myself included. I always have flats, my camera, my iPad and a phone charger — among other things.

      The women/girls you see carrying teeny-tiny Chanel bags and the like tend to be socialites or people who aren’t attending shows to take photos. They also probably have curb-side pick-up and aren’t taking the subway. 🙂 Just my opinion, though!

  • HUGE NYFW fan but my view of the runway is via the internet. Love these posts about fashion week and all the inside knowledge you are giving. Fun to learn these little tidbits. Keep it coming and stay hydrated this week! 🙂
    Look forward to reading more.

  • This is an awesome post and just reconfirms that I WISH I WAS THERE!! ahhhhh… theres always next year and next season– right!? Have fun!!

  • Dana

    Love this breakdown! Such a fun behind-the-scenes peek.

  • I love this post, Hallie! Your behind the scenes coverage is amazing. I keep coming back to your blog for your amazing style and witty writing! One of my favorite bloggers!!


  • Can I just say how fabulous this post was??? As someone who has never been to fashion week (but dreams to go some day) it was so cool to hear you break it down as to what it is really like to go (you know, besides the street style pics and runway pics). I can’t wait to read more!


    • I’m so glad, Nikki! Honestly, Fashion Week was a seemingly far-off dream for me at one point as well. You can truly do anything if you set your mind to it and are willing to listen and learn from other people. Let me know when you make your debut here at Lincoln Center, I have a feeling it isn’t too far around the corner. x

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  • Nice breakdown of a fashion show! I hope you’re enjoying it all! Loved this post.

    Asia Monique

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  • Love this post, Hallie! Attending NYFW is one of my dreams so letting me in on the inside scoop makes me think I’m kinda there 😉 & props to you for finding time during this hectic week to create such awesome posts!

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  • April F

    so cool! I have been around Lincoln center and I was able to see the outside- wish I could be on the inside!

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