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Perhaps one of the best things (j-j-jaaaded) about living in a hot-and-humid concrete jungle is the fact that it’s not yet time to retire your summer separates.

celfie shirt, t-shirt, tee, sweatshirt, jules

I’ve been experimenting ways to carry The Vest into fall (layers!), but I think the red culottes will be stowed until spring returns…. In, what, May? Sigh.

That said, it’s a good thing I have a major vacation coming up this winter. That’s right, a VACATION! I’m actually not sure I know how to take one of those things, but I do know that it’s spelled P-T-O. Yes!

I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow, so check back in. Here’s a hint: It’s a 16-hour flight.

In the meantime, back to these pasty gams.

*Wearing: Club Monaco tuxedo vest (as usual), Celfie tee by Sincerely Jules, Zara culottes, Zara sandals, Alexander Wang rocco (my latest sample sale find), Tory Burch sunglasses, Capwell + Co bangles

Photos taken by Jessica Sturdy 

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