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As a busy New Yorker and practicing work/life/blog balancer, I frequently find myself daydreaming about a weekend away from the city’s ever-hectic pace.

Thankfully, as I alluded in yesterday’s post, this is a reality that’s fast approaching.

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I’m (we’re) going to Thailand! … And Hong Kong. And Japan!

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For the upcoming holiday season, a few friends and I are traveling halfway around the world to spend two three weeks in southeast Asia. (We keep extending our trip, ha.)

Our first stop is Japan, where we’ll spend a few days exploring Tokyo and Kyoto. Then, we’re flying to Hong Kong — a city whose skyline more than rivals that of Manhattan. Many, many Instagrams will be had.

Next, we’re off to Thailand, where we’ll spend the bulk of our trip: Ringing in the New Year on a beach in Ko Sumai, exploring Phuket, Chiang Mai and Bangkok, and — most excitingly — chartering a catamaran to island-hop across Krabi and Ko Phi Phi, among others. (Don’t worry, it’ll be winter in Japan, so I’ll be suffering in my cold-weather wardrobe just like you… For some of the time, at least.)

During my time abroad — and leading up to then — I will, of course, share stories of wanderlust and photos from the outfits stuffed into my inevitably over-the-weight-limit suitcase. They’ll be similar in nature to my Fashion Week recaps, so I hope you’re excited to experience southeast Asia right along with me.

If you’ve been to Japan, Hong Kong or Thailand and have recommendations for what to see and where to go, I’d love for you to leave them in the comments below.

Three weeks of wandering like a tourist and partying like a local. Is it December yet?

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