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Off Duty

Today’s outfit, I’ve dubbed Off Duty.

Not like a model, but like a New York City taxi — it’s like I’m on my way to the garage for a shift switch.


Or something like that. As you may know, I have a few days off of work this week. Bliss, right?

False. For some, that might mean spa pedicures and catching up on the Netflix queue, but for me, that means — well, life and shit. Bridesmaid fittings, long-overdue post office pick-ups, squeezing in meetings and answering as many e-mails as possible until Carpal Tunnel syndrome sets in. (Is it weird that Danity Kane’s Daaamaged just played in my head?)

This isn’t a pity plea, I just know you can relate. Can’t a girl get another hour in her day?



On the bright side, I don’t plan to leave my apartment in anything other than my off-the-clock outfits, which typically consist of oversized outerwear, cozy knits, moto boots and #leggingsaspants.

Yep, that’s right. The Equipment blouse is there to cover my ass, Pants Patrol, so take a seat.

equipment-blouse*Wearing: Vera Wang sweater, Equipment blouse (more styles on sale here), Express faux-leather leggings, Rebecca Minkoff booties (via T.J.Maxx)

**PS: I did something bad last night — I bought the Tibi Piper booties that I’ve been eyeing for MONTHS! They’re on sale at right now, and you get an extra 15% off with the code NEWSLETTER. I had to, Mom. I had to!

Photos taken by Jessica Sturdy

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