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Surprise & Delight

One of the many things I love about living New York City is its ever-constant element of surprise.


I delight in the city’s unexpected character details – sky-scraping architecture, jaywalking as an art form, celebrities in spin class, my 60-year-old neighbor’s omnipresent ability to Gaga’ify himself (“New York is where you never have to grow up!”), how easy it is to find pizza at 4 a.m., the view of the Brooklyn Bridge, the view from the Brooklyn Bridge…

The list goes on.


… For the most part, that is. There isn’t much about New York that I don’t love, but I have been victimized on the other side of the spectrum — via a homeless man’s willingness to surprise and delight with a “spirited hello.” Meaning I’ve seen more dicks on the street than I’d care to admit.

At any rate, what I’m trying to say is: There are, like, nine million people living in New York City, and we’re all practically on top of one another. So when you’re living in a cluster-fuck of a concrete jungle, stumbling upon a quiet, quaint street corner such as this one is a sweet surprise, indeed.


I hear it snowed on the East Coast this week, which makes me grateful that I’m in sunny CA for a bit. Upon my return, I’ll be hitting up my favorite boutique, Otte, to partake in their latest Instagram contest (more of which you can read about here). That’s where the felt hat I’ve been wearing on repeat this fall is from.

Until then, a dose of Vitamin D, bare legs and palm trees aplenty are a-okay with me for a few days.

otte-ellen-dress*Wearing: Ellen dress (also here) and Alexis hat (also love this color) c/o Otte, Club Monaco tuxedo vest, BB Dakota faux fur vest (love this sale version), Tory Burch wedges (similar), Ecco bag, bangle c/o Sequin NYC

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Photography by Lydia Hudgens

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