Travel Diaries: Postcards from Tokyo, Japan

Jet-lag | Tokyo, Japan

Konnichiwa, friends!

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Hello, at last, from Tokyo. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season and, if you celebrate, are having a very merry Christmas!

I’m 14 hours across the globe and have finally found the time to sit down and share a more detailed update from my trip (beyond Instagram, where I’ve been posting frequently).


My girlfriends and I landed in Japan around 9 p.m. a few nights ago. Instead of succumbing to jet-lag and sleeping off our 14-hour flight (24 hours of total travel time for this girl), we decided to rally.

After two trains and lots of compass consulting, we dropped our bags at the hotel and headed to “dinner” – which ended up being the first 24-hour sushi bar we could find at 1:30 a.m. Afterward, we did a bit of bar hopping, not tired due to our internal clocks (it would’ve been mid-afternoon your time).


Oddly enough, all of the bars and clubs play American music in Tokyo. We’ve heard everything from LMFAO to Swedish House Mafia and Savage Garden. While the Japanese locals love to dance and sing along, they can’t Cupid Shuffle like we can.

tokyo-udoncute-passport-holder tokyo-skytree

We’ve rarely seen any other American tourists in our time here, but we did drunkenly recruit the first two white boys that we saw during our initial night out… Which somehow resulted in a champagne-soaked, Christmas karaoke session until sunrise.

Day two was a rather late start, as a result. We successfully got ourselves lost a number of times (the language barrier is very high here), but ultimately ended up nearby the Tokyo Skytree for shopping, sightseeing and Udon noodles – which is were I wore this ensemble. It’s chilly in Japan! While I’m in no rush to hurry through our time here, I’m looking forward to island-hopping in Thailand next week.


… Lots more to come! Feel free to follow my travels in real-time via Instagram in the meantime (and thank you so much for your sweet comments/travel recommendations thus far). Merry Christmas and safe travels in the meantime, you guys. Sending you lots of 愛 (love) from Japan. 

*In this post: Zara moto jacket, boat-neck top (that I’ve been living in) c/o Vineyard Vines, American Apparel neon beanie, Zara leggings, westward \\ leaning sunglasses, Serafina boots c/o La Canadienne, O.M.G. bag c/o Lo & Sons (from the post I did about packing the perfect carry-on), Ralph Lauren passport cover (a gift from Jess), Dana Rebecca Sylvie Rose ring

This post was uploaded using my XCom Global MiFi hotspot – aka my portable saving grace. 

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