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Be Well Brunch

Over the weekend, the girls and I had brunch with a woman who truly embodies the term Hostess With the Mostest. Upon seeing this spread, I think you’ll agree.


Despite a very chilly Sunday morning, Jess, Kat, Julia and I ventured downtown to the cozy quarters of Arielle Fierman.

Arielle is a certified health coach, an eco-chic jewelry designer and the mind behind Be Well With Arielle, a website dedicated to inspiring healthy practices and sharing mouth-watering recipes.

Lucky for us, she’s a friend of ours, too.

brunch-cocktail-recipes jonathan-adler-candle-holder

Upon arrival, we were greeted with pink pomegranate champagne. Perhaps she knew I’m always game for a little Hair of the Dog?

After chatting and nibbling on handfuls of almonds, we sat down to feast on a seriously impressive brunch spread. To start, Arielle served up kale chiffonade with creamy, dairy-free avocado dressing, followed promptly by (and I mean promptly, as I ate mine in less than six seconds) toasted bread with ricotta and butternut squash.

host-brunch-menukate-chiffonade-recipe healthy-bruschetta-recipe

My favorite dish came next — mini pancake skewers with strawberries and cashew creme.  Arielle laughed when she brought them out as they’d fallen apart a bit, but they were so. freakin’. good. that no one noticed. Julia and I especially, as we were way too focused on spooning heaping tablespoons of cashew creme onto our plates.

Plus, she served them on the cutest sterling silver tray I’ve ever seen in my life. Do you own a silver serving tray? … Okay, good. Me neither, obv.

be-well-with-arielle nyc-blogger-brunch

Following (yes, we’re still eating), we had roasted purple potatoes and crispy baked eggs — served straight from the skillet.

For dessert, we had cinnamon sugar popcornHealthy cinnamon sugar popcorn.

Arielle doesn’t use a microwave, so I showed no remorse in continuing the brunch bender. Her popcorn recipe is storeable for up to two weeks in tupperware or a bag, so I’ll definitely be making it at home!





That’s a peak at her jeWELLry line, above.

I left brunch feeling full, fulfilled and — well, well. While Arielle is an incredible cook, her message of self-love is incredibly inspiring and easy to digest. Pun intended.

While all recipes from our #BeWellBrunch are linked above, be sure to visit her site for Pinterest-worthy recipes, and click over to Julia’s blog for more more brunch photos.


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