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Fashion Week Recap, Day 3: 20ish Hours

Much of Day Three was consumed by a video I filmed for Glam Media, so for today’s recap, I’m going to give you an outtakes version to let you in on what exactly it takes to film a two-minute video.

After we get past the first few hours of the day, that is…


All right, where did we leave off?

Ah, yes. SamRo had just told Jess & I she liked our… Jewelry. For whatever reason, that was IT in life for us, so we rode that high (figuratively speaking) downtown to the Lower East Side, where we danced and sipped on vodka sodas until, well, read on….


New York Fashion Week | Day Three Two

3:55 a.m. The decision to go home wasn’t chosen, it chose us. Because the bar is closing. C’mon, ten more minutes and some JT, DJ!

4:15 a.m. Drunk food. Drunk food. I should get drunk food! Pizza? Onion rings. TACOS!

4:32 a.m. Another late night, another disapproving smirk from my judgmental doorman. (The one man who knows all of my secrets!) Note to self: You actually AREN’T invisible after 2 a.m.

4:40 a.m. My indecisiveness worked to my benefit tonight, as I’m now home without drunk food, face-down in bed — focused (ha!) on salvaging a full REM cycle.

New York Fashion Week | Day Three

7:30 a.m. My cell phone rings. I wind up to launch it across the room, but then I remember my blogging bud Ashley is arriving to New York on a red-eye this morning.

7:31 a.m. “Huh… Huh-llo?” I grunt. My voice is always alarmingly deep in the morning, but this is some next level shit.

7:32 a.m. “Hiiiiiii sunshine, I’m heeeeeere!”

I am fairly certain my brain just imploded.


8:30 a.m. My doorman (now the daytime dude who thinks I’m a saint) rings to announce Ashley’s arrival. My hair is a mess, my breath is not minty fresh and I’ve only risen from the dead a matter of minutes ago to put pants on. I sleep hard, ladies.

8:55 a.m. After many swigs of water and a quick catch-up sesh, I brew a pot of coffee and get to work on cleaning my apartment. The production crew is coming over in an hour to film a Day in the Life video segment!

9:15 a.m. How can one person have so much STUFF in a 450 square foot space? This is a much larger task than I’d anticipated, we’re going to need to call for back-up.

10:15 a.m. I place a $20 delivery order — a(nother) large coffee (yes, you can get coffee delivered in New York) and a fresh salt bagel with chive cream cheese should do the trick.

10:40 a.m. GIVE ME ALL OF THE CARBS! Poor Ash, I’m getting hangry as ever. Need. Sustenance. Now.

10:51 a.m. Bagels arrive, at last. I have nine minutes to crush mine, which shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, should I place another order?

11:00 a.m. Right on time, I hear the elevator ding just as I’m swallowing the last large bite of my bagel. The crew has arrived!


11:10 a.m. Quick self-pep talk while the team is setting up: All right, Hallie. Look alive! Wait, more under-eye concealer.

11:16 a.m. Lights, camera… Now, before we go on, I think you should watch the video (if you can’t see it embedded below, click here):

For the initial 45 minutes, we film the interview segment, which is essentially just our producer, Alana, and I having a conversation. There are tons of laughs and many, many takes — my coffees have kicked in and I’m starting to feel a little bit loopy. Or rather, a lot like last night!

nyc-fashion-vlogger charlotte-olympia-pumps blogger-closet-tour

Following, we film my rifling through the closet — making a mess. So, basically, recreating the shitshow state of affairs in my apartment that existed before five-person crew arrived.

In the video, I note that I plan my outfits two or three weeks in advance, which is true (0:37). I do a lot to prep for Fashion Week, which you can read about here, but as we’ve learned, that indecisiveness tends to take the cake. Hangover bloating and carb-loading are contributing factors, too.

To wrap up the apartment portion, the crew films me putting on my shoes (an exceptionally difficult task for the time being), walking into and out of the apartment.


1:02 p.m. All done, for now.

1:05 p.m. As the crew packs up and leaves, I collapse on the floor. Literally, the floor, where I remain until I summon the strength to transition to the couch.

2:45 p.m. Ash and I head up to Lincoln Center (in a cab, natch) for the day’s afternoon shows — first up is Mara Hoffman. I run into Nola and Bianca – two of Glam’s editorial heads – on my way in. They see the crew behind me and need no instruction of what to do. (You can see Bianca’s Day in the Life here.)


Ash heads off to sit pretty in the tents, while the camera crew and I spend the next two-plus hours outside filming. It is cold — my cams are frozen and I’m fairly certain they’re starting to sprout a five o’clock shadow.

Here’s how that went:



It’s been a day when putting one foot in front of the other is near-impossible, which is a situation that’s only amplified when hurried New Yorkers are all like “get the fuck out of my way” and tourists are stopping to stare.

I even heard someone whisper, “Is that a Real Housewife?” Le sigh. That is so not a compliment. #botoxfree


After we film The Walk, the team and I head down to linger in the subway station for awhile – the next train isn’t slated to pass for four minutes. No, wait, seven. Okay, nine. FOURTEEN? Delayed. All we know is that the train is delayed.

For this portion, I’m supposed to look frazzled running down the subway stairs and into the station. Hot mess? Me? Yeah, no prob.

After the 14 longest minutes of my entire life, I hear the train approaching. I assume the position like a track star coming out of the starting block and take off on cue. As I run (limply and ungracefully, 0:02), the train conductor sees me running and actually waits – stops and waits – for me (1:06). I swear to God this has never once happened to me in the nearly-a-year I’ve lived in New York (this is what I mean by “New York has an agenda against you”). We have to film it again.

  • THE CAB.

Time to grab some token New York City footage: Hailing cabs, getting into cabs and getting out of cabs. And as a result, pissing off cabbies. We do this for about 30 minutes, until I can feel frostbite forming on my fingers (1:07).

A man standing a few feet from us has been watching us for awhile, which may be why he doesn’t notice that his poor dog keeps puking and… I’ll leave it at that. Lovely.



Is everything (at the 2:00 mark), and pretty much sums up the day. Which brings me to:

  • THE MIC.

For the entire duration of our shoot, I was mic’ed. I forgot after a while and I tend to be a very candid speaker, so let’s just say the crew now knows as many of my secrets as my best girlfriends and that night-time doorman do… I know where you work, guys.


Many hours later, I’m cabbing back downtown with Ash, Jessica and the production crew. The final segment we’re filming is me in my natural element: At a Mexican restaurant with a salt-rimmed margarita in-hand (2:09). Arriba!

At 2:15 you can hear Jess animatedly say “Cheers to that!” but what was actually said was “Cheers to New York motherfucking Fashion Week, bitches!” My bad, Z (our sound guy). Love ya.


8:15 p.m. Face-plant. In bed. I’ve got dinner with bloggers in… oh, 15 minutes ago. Sigh. I debate staying horizontal for the remainder of the night, but that’d be Fashion Weak.

11:59 p.m. After dinner, a group of us decides to venture out for a nightcap or four on the roof of the Empire Hotel. I stifle a yawn and join the girls for vodka sodas (with a splash of St. Germaine), opting for YOLO over FOMO.

By Day 3, guys, acronyms is as good as it gets for this girl. Make good memories, not good choices!

In case you missed it, click to see Fashion Week Recap Day 1 and Day 2

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