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That’s Not My Name

Story time.


I like to party. I just do. You know? Especially in the company of good people, and I’ve been lucky to find a lot of them in New York City.

On one particular night when Jess and I had a few cocktails, we got to chatting and the conversation turned to blogging, as it often does. Ten minutes later (which is really, like, 10 seconds in martini time) we were really adamant about changing the name of corals + cognacs.

Dead-set, actually.

The inspiration? Not many people can pronounce (or spell) my name. Like, almost no one. Haley, Hailey, Holly… You name it. [For the record, it’s Hallie — pronounced Hal-ly. Like Halle Berry.  A phrase I may or may not feel the need to shout over loud music in crowded bars. And thanks, lovely reader, if that’s what you’ve been thinkin’ in your head all along!]


At any rate, back to that one night: We stumbled along in our stilettos to the first bar we could find with wifi to both research and purchase the domain name we’d so brilliantly concepted: “That’s Not My Name.”

So incredibly brilliant, right? Wrong… So wrong.

Thankfully, the domain wasn’t available. Which is not shocking.

I’m not sure where the unwavering idea came from, but boy, were we certain that a handful of vodka sodas had rightfully changed the course of any and all success of c+c.

For the time being, I wouldn’t change my brand. Or I’d certainly ask you guys first-and-foremost. “corals + cognacs” is very significant to me for reasons I can’t quite articulate, but that’s not the point of today’s post…


As they say, living your life will only inspire your work.

I don’t think this is an instance that “they” were referring to, but it’s kinda relevant. Right?

As of lately, there’s been a few exciting opportunities in my life that have resulted in a bit of writer’s block. And by writer’s block, I mean I (crazy fun) late nights and (rather awful) subsequent hangovers.

My friend and fellow blogger Hilary Rushford taught me the notion of creating seasons for our lives (at last year’s Pepperologie): Some seasons, you may be passionately enthralled in your work, blogging or hobby. In another, your priorities shift to places and people — saying yes, going out more, et cetera.

This type of mindset has taught me to listen to my gut and alleviate the stress of constantly feeling overwhelmed by the expectations I project onto myself — like putting up a blog post five times per week, answering every. single. e-mail. in my inbox, or feeling guilted into happy hour requests. You’re nodding, aren’t you? Do you think the notion of seasons is relevant to your lifestyle?

For now, I’m in a season of living. A season of not digitally enslaving myself. Of making good memories, not good choices. But, don’t worry, I’m gonna blog about it… Some of it. The PG-13 stuff.

That said, how ’bout a mimosa?

*Wearing: rag & bone top, Gap skinny jeans (really want this distressed boyfriend pair), BCBG pumps, 3.1 Phillip Lim medium Pashli satchel, thrifted Chanel necklace

Photos taken by Jessica Sturdy

PS… My Starbucks name is Helen.


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