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Mellow Yellow

Something strange is happening in New York.


In particular: People are smiling (?!), minding their manners, shedding their layers and taking to the streets. All-day bodega-dwellers are back in action and your chance of getting hit by an unyielding bicyclist has increased very significantly.

Both the air and my hair are thick with smoky smells of street meat — and perhaps most excitingly (sike), early morning cat-calls from construction workers have made their way back into my morning commute. (Side note: Seriously though, is all they ever do stand, whistle and eat pre-packed sandwiches?)

Alas, New York City is coming alive again!


This past weekend was one of those awesome, ongoing New York moments when too many weeks of winter weather recede and give way to a few perfectly spring-like days.

My pasty gams and I spent ours venturing to various patios, after-hours’ing on rooftops and popping into pretty stores in SoHo (iced coffee in-hand, of course). We’re so happy you’re here, spring.


… At least, so we thought.

As I finished up drafting this post last night, my sister texted me to inform me that there’s a chance of snow in the Midwest this week.

Oh, irony. You sassy bitch.



*Wearing: ASOS dress (also like this option), Zara jacket, Ann Taylor booties, Chanel sunglasses | *Beauty: NARS matte lip pencil in “Never Say Never” and blush in “Love Joy”

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