Instagram Recap | Champagne & New York City

My Offline Life | March 2014: Inaugural

March was (and will always be) a significant month to me for a number of reasons.


Most notably, it’s marks my New York City anniversary. Which — you know me — goes without saying that many celebrations were had. (And if you haven’t read it, here’s my first-year Love Letter to New York.)

Looking back through last month’s photos, my Instagram seems to be a curated mix of nostalgia and Party Prioritization. Or more specifically, of Veuve Clicquot and the city’s skyline.

Those sunrise snaps: Late nights or early mornings? I’ll never tell…

best-blogger-instagram-accountsIt’s all about the concept of Seasons, right?

On a more responsible note: One of my favorite highlights from March was having the opportunity to speak to a group of women on behalf of Bottomless Closet and The Women’s Alliance, two non-profit organizations that aid underprivileged women trying to get back in the workforce.

My speech went totally awry (details on that here), but I’m grateful that it did. Sometimes the strongest message is the most candid – and it feels good to pay it forward.


Currently, I’m gearing up to hop on a red-eye back to New York (hoping for another one of these). Here’s hoping that you (also) have a red wine-filled evening and that your weekend was a great one!

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