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My Marlena | Win an MZW Bag of Your Choice!

So, what do you guys think: Is 28-years-old too old for music festivals?


Don’t answer that, actually — let’s discuss.

Also: TWO of you have the chance to win an MZ Wallace bag of your choice today, so keep on reading…

People say that our lives are defined by experiences — like how scent brings you back to a particular moment in time. (Curve for Men cologne literally defined my youth, for example.) Or music. Music has a way of evoking emotions — and a lot of the time, it actually takes the shape of a memory rather than a melody.


I gushed over my love for music to you last week, so it might not come as a surprise that I’m taking it a step further and taking about my summer festival fetish today.

If you’re wondering where all this music talk is coming from, you’ll recall that I just attended a festival in Chicago. And oh, MAN, that was a trip. A reaaal trip…

…I don’t mean that literally. It’s, like, a saying.

Moving on.


No strangers to the music scene, Jess and I recently took over MZ Wallace’s Instagram during Governor’s Ball, a festival on Randall’s Island just outside of New York City.

Cliff notes version: It was hot, sticky and loud. Very loud. There were tons of teenagers ignoring our personal space and I, for one, sweat in localized regions in which I didn’t realize I had sweat glands. 

Nonetheless, it felt like a young adult right of passage. And yes, I KNOW I’m pushin’ 30, but “young adult” is a subjective term — and the fact is, you’re never going to be younger with more energy and fewer responsibilities than you right this very second. 

As a result, we grabbed some sensible footwear, our MZW Marlena backpacks and a short-term desire to fist-pump, making our way to the music festival madness.

backpack for summer festivals

Chances are, you’re familiar with MZ Wallace.

You may have noticed the bags in a few of my recent blog posts, on the shelves at Nordstrom — or if you live in New York, perhaps you’ve passed by one of their quaint little boutiques about town.

Jess introduced me to the brand last fall, and it’s ingrained itself into my lifestyle (and my outfits) ever since — namely, during my travels in Japan, when I hit the town in Hong Kong, during day-long weekend blog shoots, and most recently at the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic.

mz wallace backpack mz wallace clutch

(Yes, we’re almost to the giveaway part — but first, a little history lesson:)

MZ Wallace was founded nearly 15 years ago by two New York City women. The design process is inspired by the modern functionality of city life — so, in other words, the fact that you and I carry all of our shit with us — all of the time.

I’ve surprised myself by trading in a tote for my Marlena backpack this summer, but it’s a hands-free movement and I’m all about it. This cherry-red lass has made her way with me to weekend music festivals and well beyond — have you, too, noticed a backpack surge?

cute carry-all diaper bag mz wallace large tote

As you can tell, I love my MZ Wallace bags. The Marlena, of course, but also the large metro tote, which traveled across Asia with me.

Today, I’m very excited to share that MZW is gifting a bag to TWO lovely c+c readers. (Up to $400 in value!) The winners may select any bag of his/her choosing from the website. Details on how to enter are below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here’s a few of my favorites: 

US & Canada only; entrants can only win once. Please feel free to comment with questions/etc. Good luck!


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