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Your Summer Guide to New York City

Ah, summer in the city. So much to do, so little desire to sit at home in my studio apartment.


Despite the unbearable humidity, summer in the city is my favorite time of year. Partially because it’s when half the population gets the hell out and heads to the Hamptons, so you can actually walk/breathe/etc without brushing up against six other people in the process.

Truthfully, though, I share the same sentiment during fall and spring, too… Point being, I love when the weather cooperates enough for my favorite hobbies take shape: People watching, wine drinking and outdoor dining.

I get a lot of requests to share my favorite spots in New York City, so I thought I’d roll ’em up and showcase the spaces and places I’m frequenting this summer.

Without further adieu, here’s the scoop on my summer guide to New York City.


*A few of my favorite spots, bolded belowwine-and-dine-in-nyc

BRUNCH // THE EAST POLE: If you find yourself uptown, pop into The East Pole, a hybrid of Upper East side elegance and downtown fun. If and when you want to walk off your carb-loading, hang a left and walk down Madison Avenue, where the shopping is aplenty (think Kate Spade and BCBG).

OUTDOOR DINING // SHAKE SHACK: Dining al fresco at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park is a year-round right of passage, but it’s much more pleasant to do so during the summer. Obviously. Expect to wait in line if you’re coming at peak hours!

madison square park

DAY-DRINK // B BAR: While this trendy gas-station-turned-bar technically had it’s moment a few years back, I’d argue that the outdoor area will always have an appeal when the weather’s right. American eats and a party-friendly patio space? Doesn’t get much more summa summa summati-ime than that.

GUILTY PLEASURE // ESS-A-BAGEL: I polled Twitter to see if there’s a theme you wanted me to include in this post, and fellow blogger Annie asked about my go-to “guilty pleasure restaurant.” Since I assume ordering $30 worth of Thai take-out doesn’t count  (Sunday night in a nutshell), I’d have to say Ess-a-Bagel. Or any bagel place, really. Give me a whole-wheat everything bagel with chive cream cheese and a giant iced coffee and I’m  happy girl!

WINE & DINE // NARCISSA: Funny story, here. Jess (Bows & Sequins) and I came for dinner when it first opened. Two hours is much too long to wait in line for anything — including a table at Narcissa — so we posted up on stools in a cozy nook at the bar instead. Immediately, we befriended the bartender (as one does) — and then one thing (drink) led to another (very stiff drink), and before you know it, more drinks were on the way.

So, I can’t quite attest to the food here, per se, but I can assuredly tell you that the carrot fries and bread basket were both good. REAL good. So good, in fact, that sweet little Midwestern-roots Jess was so bold as to literally yell at the couple seated next to us about the “HUGE MISTAKE!” they made when they passed on the bread basket.

(I actually don’t think I’ve stopped laughing ever since… And it really was a huge mistake.)

new york fucking city


HAPPY HOUR // THE WAYLAND: Cocktail mixology has practically become a religion in Manhattan, and the temple of worship is conveniently clustered around East Village. The Wayland holds a special place in my heart, as it was the bar we went to on the initial night of my very first Fashion Week.

LATE-NIGHT // THE WREN: Stumble in on a Saturday night for lots of good looking people and plenty of tasty cocktails. Not many places to sit, though, so wear those wedges, girl. (Here’s my favorite pair from this season).

BRUNCH // PALMA: I’ve been here with a few bloggers (photos from a recent brunch event are here), and it feels like a secret garden oasis tucked away somewhere on the countryside. Don’t waste your time battling that internal monologue of “sweet or savory?” Grab a girlfriend and go halfsies on the goat cheese omelette and the powdered sugar French toast. No regrets.



SWEAT // SOULCYCLE: You don’t need an explanation here, do you? You’ve probably heard me talk/tweet about my SoulCycle obsession. Mind, body, cardio and beats.

SAVOR // STUMPTOWN: Serious lack of sleep has turned me into a bit of a coffee snob, and nothing gets the job done like Stumptown’s cold brew iced coffee. (Pairs well with oversized sunglasses.)

RELAX // RIVER FLICKS (at Pier 62): Outdoor movies under the stars on Manhattan’s west side waterfront (for free). 

ROOFTOP // JIMMY: 18 stories atop The James Hotel in Soho, Jimmy is a contemporary twist on a 1970’s pub, with 360-degree views of Manhattan.

new york city, streets, cabs

EXPLORE // THE HIGHLINE: A mile-long, paved linear park that sits above the street on Manhattan’s West Side. The Highline runs from Gansevoort St. to 30th(ish), so it’s perfect if you want to head north after shopping in the West Village.

SHOP // EVA GENTRY CONSIGNMENT: A friend introduced me to Eva’s last summer, when we stopped in after brunching one day. I left with a killer pair of rag + bone jeans; she, with Kelly Rowland’s 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder satchel (that wasn’t even in-stores yet). I should’ve thrown down for it, huh?

SPLURGE // OTTE: West Village is home to one of my favorite New York boutiques — and wardrobe staples, the Ellen dress.


So, New York’ers and visitors alike, what’s on your New York City agenda this summer? If you have any questions, too, feel free to sound off in the comments. Click here for more of my favorite New York City spots

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