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My Marriott Staycation: Backyard Bliss

Over the last week, you might have noticed that I spent a lot of time in Brooklyn — and living out of a suitcase.

what to pack for a weekend trip

While summer in New York City is a safe-haven from cicadas (for the most part), the suffocating humidity still has most of us ready to hop a plane (or a jitney) to get the hell outta here for a weekend.

I’m a recent exception to this, I suppose, but when you’re traveling as often as I have been over the past few months, sometimes you just want to stay put.


So, when my friends at the Marriott asked if I’d like to check out (and check into) one of their hotels located just outside of the city, I obliged. Happily so.

I figured it would make for a fun way to relax and recharge without draining my airline miles or bank account — but I underestimated just how much I would appreciate having a weekend “off” (not to mention room service AND CABLE TV). So it was settled, and I resolved to spend that money instead on exploring the unfamiliar corners of my beloved city of New York.


quilted bag / shoes / shorts / sweater / watch

In exchange, I agreed to help promote their summer sweepstakes, which includes a three-night hotel and the “best of New York City” experience. It’s surprisingly easy to enter — all you have to do is tweet or enter your email here. (Do it — we’ll grab coffee when you win!)

Now, for the good part. Behold, a play-by-play of my mini-retreat.



Friday, 8 p.m.

… I actually don’t remember what I did last Friday. Does that ever happen to you, too? Like, you get so blissed out with boredom that you  actually black out? Sounds like the markings of a staycation done right, if you ask me. And, wow — when did I become such a loser grown-up?

Saturday, 1 p.m.
I hopped on the subway and wound down around Manhattan, spilling out into DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), where I checked into the Brooklyn Marriott hotel.  Though I’m typically the type to live out of her suitcase, I unpacked completely because I read somewhere that this helps you feel more “at-rest.”Is that the case? Whatever, first things first: I’m getting naked, putting on that bathrobe and ordering $40 worth of room service.



flats / pants / bracelet

Packing for this faux vacation was simple, as I had no intention of attempting to be pretty and/or go Husband Hunting. In my bag (the Large Metro Tote from MZ Wallace) were a few pieces I’ve been wearing on the reg, including: a white spandex-y maxi dress, a pair of draped black pants (my airplane pants!), my favorite knit sweater and a pair of canvas espadrille flats.

brooklyn-bridgeLAMade elbow patch striped sweater

sweater / shorts / watch


Saturday, 4 p.m.
Similarly to my last staycation, I spent a lot of time wandering about Brooklyn. This time-around, it was honestly just because I got lost and my phone died. Though, I must admit, I do love people-watching in DUMBO Park, which feels more Montauk than an area just outside of Manhattan.


sunglasses / nike’s / custom phone case

To round out a day of exploring, I took myself on a solo sunset cruise along the harbor, via my Marriott Explorer Pass. As a part of Marriott’s Best of NYC package, the pass allows guests to choose up to three city experiences (of nearly 60) to partake in. I love being a tourist in my own city!


Saturday, 9 p.m.
Since it was the first and also second-to-last night of my faux vacation, I opted to have hummus and wine delivered to the room at midnight. Plus, you know, if you’re not out cocktail’ing the night away, you might as well make up for those calories in excessive food intake. Right?

No? Just me?

marriott brooklyn nyctravel-bloggers

Sunday, 7 a.m.
On Sunday, I started the day with hot yoga and a 45-minute session in my candlelit sanctuary of  SoulCycle. (Yes, I am addicted.)

I made my way “home” to the Brooklyn Marriott, where I dove back under the covers and into a plate of crunchy french toast, washing it down with a large pot of piping hot coffee.

I indulged in a few intimate moments with the remote before venturing out on a shoot with my friend and photographer, Lydia.  Though I didn’t want to bum around the hotel all day, you better f–king believe I got my cable TV fix.

french toast fruit recipe marriott-explorer-pass flat-canvas-espadrillescolorful-wall-in-brooklyn

Sunday, 6 p.m.
In all likelihood, I should have been arrested at this point in the weekend. Though despite the risk of indecent exposure, sometimes it’s just easier (and cheaper) to deck-change in an alley than it is to find a clean bathroom in a coffee shop. On the sly, of course. Bloggers, you know what I’m talking about.


Sunday, 9 p.m.
I had dinner with Jess and her mom at a quaint little Italian cafe, and again managed to got myself lost on the walk home. Manhattan is easy, you guys — it’s all numbered streets and avenues. You’re a real bitch, Brooklyn. But you’re growing on me…


Alas, this week, I’m back to reality and in front of my computer at the office. I really really enjoyed having a little down-time this weekend, so I’d like to propose staycations as the norm. How ’bout it?

The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge hotel was lovely, and in all genuine honesty, I can’t recommend it enough. My favorite part of my stay (beyond morning breakfast delivery and bathrobe bliss) was — by far — the view. In the south tower, you can see all the way from the Freedom Tower to the Empire State building — including both Brooklyn (on the left) and Manhattan (on the right) bridges.


One of my favorite things about living in New York is that the city is always surprising me (for better or for worse) — and this weekend was no exception. If I had it my way, I’d still be perched in my window at the Marriott, spending all night staring down on the City of Lights…

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Lastly, I just wanted to reiterate Marriott’s summer staycation sweepstakes. Whether or not you’re a New Yorker, your va/staycation could be right around the corner, too. Click here to enter to win your own three-day stay in NYC (for two, including airfare). Good luck!

Disclosure: The Marriott comp’ed a two-night stay for me at their Brooklyn-based hotel, but all opinions here are mine — as always.


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