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My wardrobe is splashed with happy-colored hues come summer, which is a welcome reprieve from the black-on-black I’ve been sporting all winter…


We collectively decided to skip spring, here in New York… Or so it seemed.

Summer arrived abruptly and with a whole hell of a lot of heat and humidity in-tow, leaving this girl no time to strategize the seasonal debut of her dresses that have long since been banished to the back of her wardrobe.


Busting out vibrant patterns is my favorite way to quickly reinvigorate my seasonal style – and for summer, it’s all about abstract, tribal prints on my end. And wearing as little clothing as possible, of course.

Back sweat is no joke, my friends.

(Anyone want to take it a step further and talk about butt sweat?)


My closet runs the gamut from pretty pastels to lemon-colored pants and hot pink skirts that kinda sort hurt your eyes, but lately, I can’t wear enough  hues of blue. Lush teal stilettos and nautical blue dresses, for example, pair particularly well with a tan — which is something I’m (unsuccessfully) working on.

This short-sleeve Trina Turk dress is perfect for satisfying my color addiction, at the moment.

The midnight-themed, abstract design comes to life against a backdrop of white — and there’s a little bit of black peppered in there, too. Because, you know; it’s New York.


My favorite little detail? The side-zip (below). Talk about desk-to-drinks, huh? Just what I needed: A new dress that’ll help me to go from a happy hour to after-hours mindset in a matter of less than an inch.

Kidding, Mom! At least on Mondays…


*Wearing: Printed knit dress c/o Trina Turk, J.Crew pumps (sold out, but here’s a cute option from Target), cobalt handbag c/o Joelle Hawkens (last styled here), Chanel sunglasses

*Click below to shop this look (and more Trina Turk dresses I love):


Lydia Hudgens Photography

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