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Your Soundtrack to Summer

Every summer has a story…


The past weekend epitomized mine, entailing lots and lots of good company, iced coffee and rooftop rosé. A bit too much booze, at that, but hey — so my story goes…

hudson-river-nyc outdoor-cafe-west-village

Similarly, every summer has a soundtrack.

You know, a set of songs that makes you wax nostalgic, wind down the windows and crank up the volume. (If you’d care to join me in feeling really f–king ancient, LFO’s “Summer Girls” was released in 1999. That’s 15 years ago.)


… It’s Tuesday, the weekend is far too many days away and that afternoon slump is sure to settle in soon.

Personally, I know that daydreams of cloudless days and fruit-based cocktails have more magnetism than what’s glaring at me from my (never ending) list of shit to do, so it’s time to turn to music.


If you’re new to c+c, we discussed our music passion a bit last month. That post — and playlist — ended up being very well-received (you guys have great taste), so we’re back in action today with Round Two.

I just put the finishing touches on my summer soundtrack for July, so once your coffee sets in and you’re ready to slay your workday to-do’s with some mood-enhancing jams, grab your gear and get to it. (Here is June’s, if you missed it.)

It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip (or seven bottles) of wine, it’s summertiiime… (Though no country here, sorry.)

*If you’d like to test the aural waters/you don’t yet trust my music-curating magic, I’d suggest easing by listening to the Monsieur Adi (Beyoncé) & Porter Robinson songs on this playlist. Then, let’s chat.


Click here to listen (and bookmark!) on Soundcloud

images 5 & 6 via Stephanie Sterjovski

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