Let's Chat: An Update - Among Other Things (The Blog)

Let’s Chat: An Update

Today’s post is a bit different than what you might be used to around here, but let’s chat for a sec.


Yes, you and me. And no, you’re not in trouble. (Don’t you always assume you’re getting fired when your boss asks to talk? Me too.)


Blogging is weird. Like, really fucking weird.

As a blogger, in many ways, you are your blog and vice-a-versa. To illustrate: People often refer to me as “corals” in-person (and come to think of it, that should totally be my Starbucks name). I never mind — because if you’re doing it right,  your personality is your product.

As as a blogger, I pour as much of my best self as possible into my site and @handles. And as a result, it can be discouraging and downright hard to admit that life is not, in fact, one big highlight reel. I’ve always prided corals + cognacs on being a blog known for its authenticity and relate-ability, so I’m going to be totally honest with you here…


Like, an “I’m just going to take off my make-up, close my computer, and sit here with a glass bottle of wine” type of minute. You know what I mean? I need. A. Minute.

I am, by nature, a very happy person. I don’t allow myself to be outwardly negative — especially on the blog. But wow, girl — that Universe really knows how to serve up a shit sandwich.

Life is not perfect. It never will be (where’s the fun in that?), but the peaks and valleys are what make it so valuable.

Unfortunately,as a blogger, going through any sort of “valley” or period of personal distress makes it very hard for me to write. Or do much of anything else blog-related, in all honesty. Content has been light around here this week – and I do apologize for that — but you guys deserve more than half-assed articles that are published for the sake of putting out posts, so that’s why.

But hardship can be very motivating. 

I have always been a believer that every single experience carries meaning – and sometimes the best (or the only) thing you can do is find it. You likely won’t get the answer you’re looking for right then-and-there, but the mindset will open you up for the guidance and direction that’ll ultimately take you where you’re meant to go.

… Don’t worry, I’m getting the point.

So on a similar note: I’ve been sitting on today’s blog post for a while – mainly because I couldn’t figure out how to write it with context. But since I’m going through a little period of self-reflection, I figured there was no time like the present.

Today, instead of opening yet another draft only and staring emptily at the blank document, I thought I’d flip the conversation back to you.



I’ve been blogging for three years and some change. (Please do not take that as an incentive to start trolling my archives. Yikes!) Not so recently, I’ve started to think about the bigger picture of my entire online persona. These thoughts include: What’s next for corals? What’s the purpose? Why are you, the reader, even here? (Not you, Mom – thanks for visiting and clicking on all of my links like I’ve taught you to. Love you!)

A lot has changed in those three’ish years, but for me, blogging has always been a platform for conversation. A two-way street, a method of sharing inspiration and – most importantly – a way to establish a genuine relationship with you, the reader. Consistencies aside, sometimes it’s just good to…

COME UP FOR AIR.  (In both life and in blogging.)

In a lot of ways, the blogosphere has evolved into an industry that’s driven by Internet fame and c/o, c/o, c/o. This shift – as well as my aspirations for c+c – have prompted me to sit and REALLY think: How does the reader feel when she visits my blog? Am I making a difference? Or am I just hitting “publish” a few times each week because that’s I’m expected to do?

nyc-blogger-styleoutfit details

So, just as a restaurant asks you to fill out their feedback card, I’m turning to you guys with a series of questions. How can I make my blog better? What do you like? What do you hate?

Most of the public comments I receive on my posts are from other bloggers – which is great, but we tend to be supportive of one another to a fault. Meaning that we often only tell each other what we want to hear – versus what we might need to.

So, with that – tell me. Tell me what you want. Whether you’re a newbie (hi!) or you’ve been with me for the long-haul (much love!), I’d love for you to take this two-minute survey and help shape the direction of corals + cognacs. I’m hoping that this will be a way to hear feedback, comments and criticisms from ALL of you.


I’m not saying that a lot will change. I’m not saying it won’t either. That’s up to you, really. What I am saying is that I’m committed to you and to making c+c a more enjoyable, useful and frequent online destination for life, style and laughter.

For now, let’s you and I go back to basics and work together to cultivate our future together (wink). And please – be honest! Give it to me straight.

I’ll take a few weeks to assess your (anonymous) feedback in order to (1) develop a big-picture direction, (2) create content that really resonates and (3) put even more intention behind every single post. But don’t worry, my regular posting schedule and satire-laced sentiment will continue on in the interim. And yes, of course, there are Fashion Week recaps coming up in a few weeks …


Man, that feels good. Thank you for letting me clear the air — and even if you don’t want to take the survey, I appreciate you reading.

Lastly, you should know: This survey was inspired by you. Your tweets, comments and e-mails motivate me to create the most compelling, interesting content as possible; I just want to continue doing so.

And since we’re on the topic of adding value, let me bring today’s post full-circle: We all have our own dreams, details and distractions to deal with. Smile and know that yours are working out the way they’re intended to. Someday, everything will make perfect sense. For now, there’s wine.

prada-sunglassesoutfit details

And if all else fails: Big sunglasses, extra-strength Visine in your purse and waterproof mascara on your lashes, my friends. You just never know. x


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