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Wanderlust | Let’s Go To…

I suppose I should have told you this earlier, but with Fashion Week and all of my friends deciding to get married at the same damn time (hi, guys!), I kind of forgot that this was happening myself…


At any rate, we’ve got another international trip on the horizon — in two weeks!


This time, we’re Europe-bound. We’re heading to Paris and Oslo in October!

Eeeek! It’s hard to say what I’m most excited for… I’ve never been — and neither have my jet-set cohorts, Bianca and Jessica. We don’t have much planned beyond exploring and coffee shop sitting, but in Paris especially, there will be wine-soaked picnics along the Champ de Mars and lots of Sancere sipping along the Seine. So, lots of booze. And shopping, I imagine.

And crepes. I’m told there will be lots of crepes!


Of course, with our trip being two weeks away, it’s time to shop, pin and plan. (If you have any suggestions, do let me know in the comments.)

That said, here’s a few pieces I’m buying and links I’m bookmarking to help up the ante on my Parisian profile:


Bisous, my friends! Happy Friday. Hope you’re gearing up to have a great weekend. Would love any and all Paris recommendation that you might have!


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