The Business of Balance - Among Other Things (The Blog)

The Business of Balance

So for today, it’s business on the bottom and (slumber) party on the top.


I’m practicing my Parisian this week, you guys. And my French. How am I doing?

[“quelle horreur!” they agree in unison.]


I mentioned this last Friday, but the girls and I are Paris-bound next week. Crazy!

We found a place to stay, oh, yesterday (nothing like really waiting until the last minute) — and you guys have been immensely helpful with your city-wide suggestions for shopping, seeing and eating (drinking), so thank you! I’m feeling more prepared — and excited — for our Euro-trip with each passing day…

Packing, on the other hand, is another story. Here’s the thing:

What the hell does one wear in Paris?


I’m not super worried, I suppose — the French seem to be all about that #wokeuplikethis style — and um, hello! Hi. That’s me: Allergic to the alarm clock. I like to think I practically invented the art of smart snoozing, so that’s great news here. (#casual)

Another thing I’ve noticed? Parisian women stick to their signature styles. They know what works! I have this sweater in a few colors (I wore the black last week!), so does that make me tres chic or a total hoarder?

Either way, the plan, for now, is to start from this top and work backwards. Quite literally, as I’m talking about my hat. A wide-brim fedora is synonymous with French chic, so we’ll begin there.

chunky-sweater-and-leather-skirt-for-fall 525-american-chunky-white-sweater-flal

… But seriously though, DA FUQ does one wear in Paris?

If you need me this weekend, I’ll be out shopping for cotton shirts, distinctive stripes and breezy silk button-downs to wear with my navy schoolboy blazer. Life is si difficile


*Wearing: 525 America shaker crop sweater (also have the black version; more styles here) / faux leather mini skirt (similar styles here) / 3.1 Phillip Lim medium Pashli satchel, / Schutz shoes (similar style) / Otte Alexis hat (similar $16 style) | *BeautyLaura Mercier tinted moisturizer / YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in Opera Rose / Stila ‘convertible color’ lip & cheek cream / Benefit Instant Brow pencil

*Click to shop: Chunky sweaters, faux leather skirts, this post (below):


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