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Monogram Monday

Walking down Fifth Avenue in New York, it’s hard not to feel yourself happily slipping into the holiday spirit.

lands end monogram

This makes holiday shopping infinitely less stressful, save for the fact that holy sh*t — it’s crowded.

And then you remember how many people you still have to get gifts for, so there goes that concept entirely… Right? (Here’s a few great ideas for gift sets and gifts under $50.)

cute rain boots old navy puffer vest

Despite the radiance and festivity beginning to blanket Manhattan, it seems that cool, wet climates are starting to settle in on the East Coast. Not that I’m complaining — I love an excuse to layer!

Next to the perfect pair of distressed denim, finding the right pair of weather-proof/rain boots presents a serious style challenge. Or it has for me, at least.


Earlier this month, Zappos partnered with a few bloggers to host a fun little Secret Santa gift exchange. Jess and I drew each other (shocker!) and you’re probably not surprised to know that she wasn’t too difficult for me to shop for — and vice-a-versa.

All too familiar with my battle to find the perfect boots, Jess picked out these Michael Kors wellies for me. I love them! Homegirl either knows me very well or she refuses to see me ruin another pair of perfectly cute flats amid a puddle-jumping commute. A bit of both, I imagine.

(I got her a watch and her favorite candle, more of which you can read about here.)

layers-for-winter layering with a vest

On the notion of gift-giving, can you believe Christmas is in two weeks? TWO WEEKS, PEOPLE!

I’ve already crossed a handful of friends and family off on my list by picking up a series of personalized items, which make any gift extra special.


To celebrate their busiest monogramming season of the year, Lands End was kind enough to send me this cozy striped sweater. Did you notice the initials at the bottom?

Lands End personalizes everything from cashmere sweaters to canvas totes and winter weather accessories for just $6 a monogram ($10 on must luggage, towel and sheet sets).

I also have this vest in Adriatic Blue, which I’ll style on the blog later this week — the color is so beautiful!

Accordingly, their monogram department will go through 3,600 spools of thread during the holiday season. That’s the equivalent of 10,800 miles of thread! ‘Tis the season…


*In this post:

Puffer vest: c/o Old Navy
Striped sweater: c/o Lands End
Striped turtleneck: Old Navy
Plaid shirt: Gap (similar styles)
Black jeans: Joe’s skinny stretch jeans(on sale)
Grey rain boots: Michael Kors via Zappos (more styles here)
Sunglasses: Tory Burch (similar)
Lipstick: NARS Audacious in ‘Annabelle’

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