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A really awesome thing happened this week.


We’ll call it the headstand story.


I’ve talked a bit about my fitness journey (in this post), and today is a tiny update of sorts.

I’m just gonna get right to it:

Earlier this week while I was taking a power yoga class, I got into headstand pose for the first time… Ever.

spiritual-gangster-beanie-hat namaste-hat-spiritual-gangster

This is a big deal for me, as I’ve never been able to do a headstand — let alone a handstand. In fact, I’ll be honest — my cartwheel game was seriously lacking as a kid.

I also suffered a head injury when I was in grade school (I fell from the gym bleachers and landed on my neck during a school basketball game). With the combination of these factors, I suppose I’ve always had a subconscious fear of placing any and all of my weight on the top of my head. And, you know — your body just knows to you stand with your feet. Not your hands.


I’ve been practicing yoga for a few years, but with a more consistent, strength-oriented and “serious” focus over the last six months.

It’s therapy, really. It’s taught me a lot of mindfulness (patience), as my progress has been slow — but steady.

I mentioned this to you (again, in this post), but weight does not fall off my person very easily. (Says the girl who crushed half of a tub of hummus at 11 p.m. the night prior… Haha.)

That being said, I’ve been blown away by the impact it’s had on my mind and body — in addition to regular SoulCycle classes, of course.


Despite all of this, I’ve always wanted to successfully achieve the headstand pose.

Sure, it’s good for you — it reverses aging, increases blood flow to the brain, affects every system in the body and creates mental clarity. But, I mean, it just looks cool and strong as hell, right? My priorities are in order, I know.

Slowly and consistently, I worked, trained and practiced. And as I have learned — with this posture and life in general — patience is key.

old-navy-activewear blueprint-juice-cleanse-review

How it happened was rather strange.

I was half-listening to the instructor talk about removing the thought that “this is supposed to be really hard,” wherein your mind and body will just naturally take over and work as a team. “That makes sense,” I remember thinking somewhat absent-mindedly.

It’s pretty much relevant in all aspects of life, isn’t it?



So earlier this week, it happened.

My head was planted firmly on my yoga mat, sweaty palms flanked a few inches from my shoulders. Slowly, I inhaled.


As if it on autopilot, my left leg just seemed to float on up. Quite literally. Then, my right followed.

It wasn’t magic by any means, but a combination of consistent focus, practice and determination. Something that my old self would have never thought to be possible.


(And okay, I know — I can hear you guys like “Cool story, Hallie,” so I’ll wrap it up with the point of today’s post:)

Nothing drives me crazier than people who set genuine health, wellness and physical fitness goals for themselves — but they put them off until after the New Year.

Like, what? Why? That’s like prolonging the desire to be thinner, stronger, happier and healthier (or whatever it is you’re resolving to achieve).


If my sartorial gripe isn’t enough to get your ass off the couch, some cute new workout clothes should do the trick. Even better if they’re ones that send your message loud and proud — like the gear I’m wearing today.

You probably aren’t surprised to know that my wardrobe is already laden with enough SoulCycle gear to warrant a second closet, but I have a few other favorites as of late, too.


Spiritual Gangster is one my newest activewear obsessions (I discovered them via Carbon38), and Old Navy’s compression tights are just too good (and affordable) not to stock up on. This pair comes in a variety of colors/quotes, though I wish they’d make a pair that reads “DO EPIC SHIT.”


Back to the point of today’s post: Headstand.

I know that corals has read a bit like an inspirational Pinterest board as of late — but sometimes, we could all use the reminder:

You can achieve anything that you align your mind (and actions) to.


… What are you waiting for? 

Make yourself.


*In this post:

Namaste beanie: Spiritual Gangster c/o Carbon38 (also love this version)
Fearless crop top: Spiritual Gangster c/o Carbon38 (more styles here)
Zip-up hoodie: Lululemon for SoulCycle
Puffer vest: c/o Lands End (more colors here)
Compression leggings: Old Navy (more styles here)
Running shoes: Nike Flex 2014 via Zappos (also have this pair)

*Click to shop: Spiritual Gangster activewear | Old Navy activewear
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