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Link Love, Vol. 35

It’s been a busy week (month, really), but I’m slowly starting to bring this year’s content calendar to life. Changes — no, improvements — are subtle, but they’re based on that survey you took about six months ago (which, yes, I know I say this often but I will share it you soon). There’s a lot to look forward to!

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In the meantime, I want to kick off today’s post a bit differently.

A friend of mine, Nola, insists on initiating group dinners with a game called “Peaks & Pits,” wherein everyone around the table shares his or her highlight and lowlight of the week. Have you heard of it?

Perhaps it’s because there’s no cell phone required (quite the opposite, actually), but this interpersonal activity has become one of my favorite get-together traditions, so I thought why not bring it to the blog, too? (Naturally…)

I’ll go first:

Peaks & Pits, Jan. 23

PEAK: Last night, my girl Grace celebrated the launch of her re-brand, The Stripe. I was blown away by every little detail — and to see so many people (cross the bridge to Brooklyn and) come together to celebrate her success was a really cool thing. Plus, there was champagne and cupcakes. And a make-your-own macaron bar. I’m proud of you, Grace (and I’m still riding that sugar high)!

Pit: Four letters: USPS. You feel me? Oh, yes. The lovely New York City postal service has lost two of my packages this week — utterly unable to locate them. Let me tell you, nothing ignites a pre-coffee rage blackout like bitch-at-rest face at the Post Office in the morning… Three days in a row. Namaste!

If you’d like to share your peaks and pits, feel free to use the comment form below. (Or tweet me, email me, send me smoke signals, and so on.) Otherwise, here’s our weekly dose of workday procrastination:

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