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Snow Day Survival Supplies

Well, if you’re with me on the East Coast, there’s a good chance you’re snuggled up at home, enjoying our very first snow day of the season.


At the moment (12:25 a.m.), though I have to laugh: Snowstorm Juno, huh? Please. In Chicago, we called this “January.” It’s just winter!

In the morning, Mother Nature might be the one laughing — but either way, New York is expecting nearly two feet of snow overnight — and a day from the couch home office to match. (*Update, we have around 12 inches so far. Child’s play! Though from the looks of my twelfth story window, it will be impossible to get anywhere.)

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I’m generally equipped to handle winter weather, but that’s because I grew up in the Midwest. That said, here’s a few of my tips for staying warm and keeping that cabin fever at bay — blizzard or not.

Snow Day Essentials:

  • Slippers: If the first thing you do when you walk in the door isn’t step out of your kicks and into a cozy pair of slippers, we need to talk. (Unless it’s preceding an aggressive bra removal — then it’s fine. And, well, same.) Every year, I buy a new pair of these Minnetonka slippers. Quite simply, they’re the best. They can even withstand a quick run to the coffee shop across the street — sans snow on the ground, of course.
  • Tea: And coffee, but you know — if your electricity goes out, you’re up shit creek. I’ve been big on this honey lavender flavor lately. Using a tea kettle every night is a great way to make sure you’re staying hydrated/getting extra water in your diet, too.
  • Beauty: Snow days (and lazy Sundays) are the perfect time to catch up on beauty routines, skin maintenance and the like. SK-II’s facial radiance masks are my favorite — an in my opinion, they’re best when applied during a bubble bath.
  • Clothing that resembles a blanket: Because let’s be honest, you’re not getting dressed today. If it’s maternity, even better. Here’s a few of my favorite waterfall cardigans, fuzzy robes and such:

  • Layers: … For your home, like this super-cozy, chunky knit blanket. I’m so happy I bought this. If you live in New York, you might feel my pain: Often times I have to preheat my oven to cook and heat the apartment. Sigh. (PS: Who knew UGG made such cute home decor accessories?)


  • Books: There’s something about a snow day that makes the decision to curl up in bed with a good book or two totally justified. Am I right? I like to read on a Kindle because it looks similar to paper (and there’s no digital screen glare). Got any recommendations for me?
  • External batteries: If you don’t have a Mophie, I’d highly suggest investing in one. I have two of their external chargers and they’re well worth the price tag — especially if you’re coming in for Fashion Week next month, gals.
  • G-mail offline: Quite possibly the best digital discovery… EVER. Through this Google Chrome plug-in, you can download your inbox and access it offline. I use this every time I fly, too — total game changer.
  • (Bigger) external batteries: And of course, what good is your inbox if you can’t access your computer? If you’re really hardcore, you could invest in one of these HyperJuice external hardrives. They charge your Macbook and iPad — at the same time.

And last but not least, wine. Always wine.

… Anything to add to the list?

*Click to shop my snow day essentials:


*This outfit was originally posted here.

Old Navy puffer vest and turtleneck, Lands’ End striped sweater,
Gap plaid turtleneck, Tory Burch sunglasses, NARS lipstick


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