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Snow Day

Do you remember the good ‘ol days when we’d go out to the bar without our coats?


Like, it’d be 20 degrees and we’d be freezing our butts off, but that seemed like a better idea than the burden of being responsible for your jacket.

Of course, this is downright ridiculous — but we’ve been there, done that and have the frostbite to prove it, don’t we ladies?


This winter, I’ve promised myself that staying warm takes priority — and something that I’ve learned as a tried-and-true Midwest gal/East Coaster is that this doesn’t always mean sacrificing style.

For me, a happy winter means having warm feet.

cute-outfits-for-when-it's-snowing what-to-wear-with-sorel-boots

I found my perfect pair of Sorel boots over Cyber Monday. It was serendipitous, really — I was propped up on my kitchen counter drinking a cup of coffee and I bought them without hesitation.

I remember feeling a twinge of guilt for online shopping before 9 a.m. (as far as sales go, I was only in the A’s — Anthropologie), but I’d actually just begun my search for the perfect pair of weather-proof boots, so it felt like fate. Normal people talk about shoes and fate, right?

Anyway, every year, I have a really hard time finding snow boots fit for city slicking — typically, they’re too bulky, too heavy or, well, just not cute. Or in the case of the Duck Boot, sold out EVERYWHERE.

was apprehensive about the ankle height at first, but I’ve been wearing them nonstop and I continue to be pleasantly surprised. They keep my feeling nice and toasty, and I love that I can dress them up a bit by allowing a colored pair of socks to peek out from above.


I mentioned this to you on Friday, but I spent the past weekend with my parents. It was a welcome reprieve, as my dad refuses to drink sub-par red wine. Win!

Mom isn’t the most metropolitan-loving person in the world, and one of her biggest concerns with this week’s snowstorm was: “Where are they going to put the garbage? Or plow the snow?”

… Hm. She’s right!

That’s a valid concern if I’ve ever heard one — and if you’ve been to New York, you know why. Don’t worry, Mom: Everyday is garbage day in New York City. (And apparently, they put the snow in the river.)


But, man… Garbage, street slush or not: This city sure is pretty when it snows.


*In this post:

Puffer vest: Lands’ End (get it monogrammed!)
Sweater: Purchased in Europe (similar here)
Plaid blouse: Equipment
Fleece-lined leggings: (here’s a similar pair on sale)
Snow boots: Sorel (also here, in another color/on sale here)
Handbag: 3.1 Phillip Lim medium Pashli
Lip gloss: NARS ‘Orgasm’ gloss

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