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I originally had today’s post going in a different direction, but I was inspired by a comment left on my Instagram yesterday (hey, Kacey!), so I decided last-minute to shift the focus.


The best and worst thing about being your own boss is that you make your own schedule — and though you might be on vacation, you’re never actually on vacation.

It’s been almost six months exactly since I left my full-time job to pursue blogging and other passions full-time. It feels like yesterday and a million years ago at the same time, but nonetheless: I’ve been running the gamut so hard that I have, admittedly, forgotten to come up for air and talk to you about what it’s been like.


That said, keep it candid: What do you want to know? What questions do you have? Use the comment section below to list your questions about blogging, freelancing (or whatever else).

I’ll round-up the most common and answer ’em here next week.


Now, as for today’s look: This is another outfit I styled for Shoptiques — which, if you recall from this post, is a website that allows you to “filter through the clutter” of the fashion world and get immediate access to local boutiques in New YorkSan Francisco, Paris and more.

This pleated maxi skirt was one of the first items I plucked off the hanger — unsurprisingly, it came from one of my favorite New York boutiques, Pinkyotto. I instantly fell in love with the skirt’s grid print, and the rest of the styling portion was a breeze.

You really can’t go wrong with black ankle-strap heels (or the price of these — they’re $25!), but I decided to down-play the feminine elements of this ensemble by topping off the outfit with super-casual city sweatshirt.

london-paris-tokyo-sweatshirt grid maxi skirt black-strappy-sandals

*In this post:

City sweatshirt
High-low black blouse
Grid-print, pleated maxi skirt
Ankle-strap heels (under $25)
Gold mountain ring

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Photography by Shoptiques

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