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Jet Set Stripes

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…


Today, I’m heading down to Hilton Head Island for a long weekend with a few blogger babes (Jess, Grace and Caitlin).

We’re going on behalf of the visitor’s bureau for a weekend at the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament, which has my parents insanely jealous. (Shoulda gotten into fashion blogging, Daddy-o.)

I haven’t done much shopping (as explained in my post about freelancing), so I’ll be packing a few of my go-to spring favorites — including that Trina Turk dress and a stand-by pair of J.Crew sandals that I can walk for miles in. I’ll get a lot of mileage out of my stripes down south, too. Bring on the sunshine!


Now, before I jet — I’ve gotta get real with you guys for a minute.


No doubt, New York and I have a love/hate relationship. That’s no secret. And that’s normal, right?

We’ve discussed it before — from our honeymoon phase to lots of reflections on 9/11 and even musing over the city’s many sounds. (Those are all great posts, by the way, if you haven’t read them.)

Then again, I think New York is a love/hate relationship for most people.

Not so recently, New York and I celebrated our two-year anniversary. But lately, it’s felt different. So much so, in fact, that I’ve stopped to wonder:

Do you think it’s possible to fall out of love with New York City?


New York is both invigorating and demoralizing — to the extreme. And some days, I hate it.

I hate my teeny, tiny apartment and my lack of kitchen counter space. I’m annoyed by the tourists slowly making their way down Madison Avenue. I resent my cab driver for eating his dinner while I’m in the back seat, nauseous from the smell of smoked meats. I can pretty much hear the Universe laughing as the subway whizzes on by, six seconds after I dash down the concrete stairwell to no avail.

And of course — some days, I love it. I love it SO HARD. The outline of the Chrysler building. The East River running path. Fruit stands, loud noises, the panhandling personalities that crowd each inch of concrete — and, of course, bagels and bodegas on every corner.

It’s like, New York is the most popular guy in school. He’s got this really mesmerizing allure, but you know you’re probably going to get hurt if you decide to fall in love him.


It seems odd to admit it, but recently, I’ve actually felt really restless — and in one of the craziest, greatest, most exhilarating cities in the world. What gives?

I can’t point to anything in particular that may have triggered this unexpected evolution. Or to be honest, maybe it’s just a phase. It was a very long winter, after all.

In my two years of living here, my enthusiasm for New York seemed to know no bounds. I have always been eternally devoted to the exhilarating, exhausting and ever-shifting beast that is New York.

But what if one day, I’m just… Not?


Sometimes, leaving New York is like learning to breathe again.

At the moment (this very moment, actually), I’m on my way to the airport. I’ll loyally wave goodbye to the Statue of Liberty and watch wistfully as the skyline diminishes in the rear-view mirror of a cab that Jess and I are paying way too much money for.

New York City is weird.

It’s like, the moment you leave, you realize that no other city makes you feel the same way — for better or for worse. She may chew you up and spit you out, but she toughens you up every time you come in contact with her, like a punching bag.


Now, please don’t mistake my inquisitive sentiment for unhappiness: As many of you have noticed in my photos (and thank you for saying as such), I am indeed the happiest I have ever been. I am lucky to live in New York. Life is SO good! And a little chaos certainly does make things more interesting.

All I’m saying is: A weekend away is always a good idea.

Sometimes, being honest with yourself (and your readers) is the hardest thing to do:

… Is it possible to fall out of love with New York City?


*In this post:

Striped t-shirt: Trina Turk (here in tank top form)
Mid-rise jeans: Express (more styles here)
Canvas flats: Soludos via Zappos (more colors here)
Striped weekender bag: c/o Talbots (under $70)
Bracelet: c/o Monica Vinader

*Click to shop: striped shirts | express denim
soludo shoes | this post (below):


One final note: Today’s look was originally posted in my guest feature over at Wandeleur, a lifestyle website recently started by two lovely Chicago-based bloggers.

It’s been fun to see their vision come to life, and the site looks amazing. See for yourself: Click here to check out the feature and read more about my creative process, my muse and more.


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